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Romano X Reader.


"What are you doing Romano?" You asked your best friend who was currently stirring something in a pot which smelled delicious.

"Eh?" Romano said, stirring it once more. "Nothing! You were supposed to stay in the lounge room while I cooked Ragazza!" Now trying to cover the mysterious pots of food with his body.

"Eh? Why? But I want to help!" You whined. 'And see what you’re cooking!'

"____! How many times do I have to tell you? I am cooking lunch for you ok?! Just me and you!" He said blushing slightly. "Today My idiot fratello is not home so it’s finally peaceful and I can cook! Go back!" Romano yelled shooing you with his hand. "You'll see it later when I finish!"

"You’re no Fun Romano." You mumbled, and then pulled his curl.

"CHIGI!" He yelled and blushed. "____! I told you not to do that!"

"But your being mean! I just want to see what you’re cooking!"

"Your being mean while here I am trying to cook for you! Be a little more considerate will you?!" He yelled, snapped at you.

"...I'm sorry..." You said with a hurt face. "I won't disturb you." you said before turning your heel and stomped heading to the living room in annoyance.

"_-___! Wait! ____!" Romano called back to you. 'I am so stupid... Why do I always do this to her...?' He thought, feeling ashamed at snapping at you. 'Damnit....'

'Stupid Romano...' You grumbled in your head. 'All I wanted was to look at his food; I know he is a good cook so I wanted to praise him...' You pouted your lips cutely and blushed slightly then you threw yourself at the sofa, sighing and turning on the TV.

'Stupid Stupid Idiot... Tsundere and dense idiot...' You giggled quietly even though you were mad.

Matter of fact, You liked him... More than a friend for a while now, You never said anything a you didn't want to risk your friendship or anything so you kept quiet and tried to act as if most of his little outbursts didn't want to make you squeal out loud.

Very Cliché, Yes.

Everyone knew about this. Even Feliciano. And if he knew, it was pretty damn obvious.

It's like the time when he (Feli) caught you gazing at Romano when he was fighting with Ludwig (one sided) when he suddenly he outbursted "Bella! You like My Frate-" he managed to say before you slapped your hand on his face and glared at your friend. Which he sobbed in response, understanding your plead.

Anyone could of notice that, the problem was that He was really dense. Really.


"Oy, ____. I'm going to the Restroom for a moment. DO NOT try and peek at my cooking behind my back, you heard me..!" Romano yelled from the kitchen before making his way to the Toilet.

"Yes. Yes, Lovivi." You grumbled. You never used 'Lovivi' unless you were angry or wanted to annoy him. You used 'Roma' or Romano more often; either way it annoyed him. You then thought for a second.

'Not to go to the kitchen he said...?' You smirked, forming an evil plan in your mind. 'Well he is not around, might as well peek for a second...' you laughed silently, getting up from the couch and tip-toeing to the kitchen.

When you got into the kitchen after your whole 'Im a ninja, no one can see me!' plan you arrived and the first thing you smelt was the heavenly smell of something you couldn't remember.

But it was Italian cuisine. That much you knew.

You walked slowly, trying not to make noise (Romano seemed to have really good hearing.) towards the oven and stove.

You planned on taking a peek and maybe a try so you looked around seeing if Romano had already come out of the toilet. You saw a pair off cooking mittens on the bench but you took no mind of them as you felt ok without them.

Biggest mistake.

When you went to grab the lid of a pot, you grabbed hold of a hot handle, both which were really hot, burning your hand.

Romano had just come out of the restroom when he heard an "OWW!" and 'Clank' and 'Crash' from the kitchen.

'Is that... Oh no...' "____!" Romano screamed running to the kitchen, cursing all the way.

'Stupid... Stupid... Stupid RAGAZZA!' he Yelled internally as he ran until he got to the kitchen.

He saw you clutching you hand with your other hand wincing in pain with a metal lid on your side and a couple of metal cutlery and plates on the floor who knows how you dropped them.

Well, he didnt know. When you touched the hot lid your reflex was to move your hand, which made you bump into the cupboard making you drop some cutlery and plates. God knows you survived from a nearby knife.

He was momentarily stunned until he reacted and run towards you. "___! Are you alright?!" He said with worry in his eyes. He quickly turned off the stove, in order to prevent any further accidents.

You winced, looking at your hand. He looked and gaped. Your hand was red from the burn. He started panicking internally, he tried not to show it but it got the best of him. 'Im going to need water... Disinfectant... Bandages... Something humid..."

Before he knew it he put your three fingers in his mouth, as if that would relieve the pain in some way.

You blushed scarlet at what your beloved 'friend' just did. Romano looked at your face to see if you had any other injuries and he noticed you blushing.

He then realized what he had done and his face resembled one of Antonio's beloved tomatoes at the moment. 'Aw, Damnit!' He cursed internally. He then took your hand out of his mouth and held it gently while with his other hand he grabbed your waist to get you out of the floor, which was now a safety hazard to standing position.

He started looking around the kitchen with his head. "Damn it! Water... Water... Aha!" He exclaimed when he saw a liquid that was closest to water at the moment. A jug of cold Lemonade.

"R-Romano, what are you... ah-!" You said when your burning hand touched the cold lemony liquid.

"This will help you in the meantime while I look for some proper treatment, idiot." He said before turning in look for some bandages that were in his bathroom.

"Uh... You know, Roma... You could have just taken me there..." You pointed at the sink that was not at all far from the stove. Actually really near the broken plates. Which were just next to you.

"S-shut up!" Romano blushed in realization and ran out, in frustration and in search for  some of the first aid kit equipment in the bathroom. 'She drives me crazy!' He yelled internally in frustration, not wanting you to listen.

"..." You stayed silent in the kitchen, your Hand still in the lemonade jug. Stunned that he was so worried about you. 'He's an idiot...' you smile slightly at his antics, but feeling guilty for not listening to him.


"Bandages... Peroxide... Cotton wool... Rubbing alcohol... Burns Cream... I think that's all." Romano said picking up everything in his hands. "Stupid ____. Making me worry." He blushed slightly walking back to the kitchen to find you daydreaming or something of that sort.

He stayed near the door sill quietly, observing you for a while until you noticed him and blushed. "R-Romano?" You squeaked, startling him.

"Ah... I got the things." He said looking at his arms. You nodded. He them walked over to the bench and placed them carefully.

"Give me your hand." He ordered sternly with emotionless eyes. Which worried you, he only appeared like that when he was very upset. He fanned your arm and Han carefully leading you to the sink and turning on the cold water to wash the stickiness of the lemonade out so he could cure you.

He then leaded you to a small table in the kitchen and motioned you to sit down. He grabbed your hand and started wiping it with rubbing alcohol, which you winced.

When he heard you wince he looked even more clouded. You noticed that. He then put a little peroxide ointment on your wound with a cotton bud carefully. You saw it bubble, it disgusted you.

He then put some burns cream on your hand carefully in with his clean fingers. He hadn't said a word since he had entered the kitchen; the atmosphere was really thick and awkward so you decided to speak.

"Uh... Look, Romano-" you said.

"I was really upset ____" He cut you off.


"You didn't listen to the single rule I set. I am disappointed." He said in a serious tone that only made you want to bury yourself alive in guilt. He then sighed and shook his head in discontent.

"B...But I-"

"But NOTHING." He suddenly snapped at you, losing all the self-control he was trying and failed to muster. You looked at him with hurt eyes only to notice he had the same Hurt and upset expression as you.

"____, look, you got hurt. If you would have listened to me this wouldn’t have happened."

"I know but I didn't get that hurt!"

"It was luck! God knows what worse could have happened, the pots contents could if spilled over you and given you a third degree burn! That knife over there...” he punted at the knife that nearly landed on you. "Could have hurt you even more! Don't you understand?!"

"Yes, I know but... You don't have to be so angry!" You talked back, now angry that he was scolding you.

"Why not be angry?! I was upset! I was worried! What if you would of got more hurt than that burn, huh, Ragazza?!"

'He was worried about me...?' You thought.

"B-but that doesn't mean you have to be so angry!" you repeated. "WHY are you angry?" you yelled back, now hurt.

His eyes widened for a moment and he softened. You were right. He wasn't supposed to be that upset. He knew that you were a really curious person, and he didn't want you to get hurt or anything. He wanted to protect you from anything and everything that would endanger you.

Because he loved you.

He sighed. "Well... Tell me one reason why I shouldn't be angry with you ___." Romano said still with hurt eyes and a gruff upset voice. But not as upset as before.

"Uh..." You thought, your mind going around in circles, not finding a single suitable answer for his solemn question.

And you were feeling even guiltier by the minute. You sighed, you thought for a second before saying something that could change both of you two forever. 'It’s now or never...'

"B-because I love you." You said staring into his eyes.

"Eh...?" He said with confusion, forgetting his anger.  Did he just hear you say you loved him? He couldn't believe his ears. "Ah... C-Could you repeat that...?" he said staring back to your wonder.

"I love you." You said even boldly than before, feeling sure about this feeling. Even if it wasn't the best time to confess, you wanted to state your feelings once and for all. Even if it was playing with the devil.

"..." His eyes widened. You looked away, feeling rejected without him responding. He was startled but very happy he was speechless and his eyes softened.

She loved him back. Him.

You sighed disheartened and tried to walk away before he pulled your other arm in order to stop you from leaving. "W-wait." he said.

You looked back at him, not saying a single word and walked back to your original spot.

"I, ah..." he scratched his head in nervousness with other hand.”...Ti Amo Troppo." He looked straight into your (e/c) "I love you too." He said meaning every word, with all the courage he could get.

You were the one to be speechless now, your heart was beating errands, your face lighted up in happiness and a blush adorned your face.

"Really... Romano?" You asked, wanting to confirm if what you heard was reality and not an illusion. It really felt like a dream.

"You heard me Ragazza." He said turning his face away in embarrassment. "Ti Amo." He said with a sparkle in his eye before bringing you into embrace, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head in the crook of your neck. "And for a long time now." he mumbled into your skin.

You hugged him even tighter when you heard his mumble, bringing your arms carefully around his neck and burrow your face on his shoulder. "...Me too..." you whispered.

If he didn't feel embarrassed before, he was sure as hell now. His heart was pounding violently to his chest that you could feel it against his chest. And you were pretty sure he could hear your pounding heartbeat as well.

He brought his hand from your waist to your face and pulled you into a sweet kiss. You felt like you were the luckiest girl in the world.

He liked you back.

You kissed him back with all the love you had, which he responded as eagerly. You both broke the kiss when you both needed air. You smiled at him, you still had a blush on and he still blushing smiled at you.

It felt so right.

He held your bandaged hand softly, rubbing it soothingly with his other hand before looking at you.

"Like Mama used to say.’Un Baco per il Dolore', A kiss for the pain." He said before kissing your bandaged hand.

"I'm sure it will get better soon, if it gets that treatment." You teased.

"Yes, because this is absolutely exclusive to you, Bella." He smiled wholeheartedly at you making your heart flutter. You giggled.

"Why don’t we tidy up a little before we eat? The food is ready and I am sure as hell I don’t want my idiot little brother to get hurt when he gets home, which would be easy for him..." He started grumbling, which you thought it was cute.

You giggled again, bringing his attention. "That would be a good idea, you know how he is."

"Unfortunately ____, I do." He grinned softly.

"Ah, Romano... What's for lunch?" You looked innocently at him. "I'm hungry..."

Romano gave you an incredulous look. "Are you serious?"

"And even though I tried peeking, I couldn't even see what one dish was." You laughed embarrassedly. "Before I fell."

"Idiot." He said, grinning before kissing your forehead "You'll have to wait now." and started picking up the rubbish in the floor, which you also did shortly. "It's a surprise."

'Fair enough' you thought.


"Wow, Romano! These look delicious!" you said with a stunned look.

"I hope they are..." he muttered, blushing. He felt content with the praise.

You two had already finished cleaning when he made you sit down on the table while he brought the steaming hot dishes to the table which were... Pizza, Lasagne, Pastas like Risotto, Penne, Cannellini, Spaghetti, all with different toppings. And also some dishes which featured tomatoes, which you were not too surprised. They all looked absolutely delectable!

You smiled trying the pizza first (as it was your favourite food) and gasped in astonishment. Which Romano looked immediately at you and wondered what the he'll happened to you.

"Oh my god..." You said with your mouthful, not very lady like but whatever. "This is amazing! Amazing I tell you Romano~!" You said biting a piece of pizza and swallowing before tackling some other Italian dishes he had cooked.

"R-really...!" He jumped in his seat, happy with your response. "You liked my food?"

"Liked it? I loved it!" You said with a huge grin. "You are now in danger of becoming my personal chef!" you laughed.

"I could cook for you whenever you want ____...." Romano whispered, or muttered to say the least.

"Really?" You heard him. He blushed. "That would be absolutely great!" you outbursted in excitement. "G-grazie!" You said in his native tongue, which he smiled at.

"Di tutti, Bella." He said with a genuine smile. "Ti Amo ____."

"I love you too, Romano." You said getting up from your seat towards him. "More than you could think of." you said before kissing his lips.

I love you so much it burns.

Ciao! Ciao Ciao~ (imagine this if Daisuke Namikawa was saying it in Italy's voice.) x3
Here is my first RomanoXReader! Second reader insert! :iconohyeahplz:
Funny... that I got this idea after I got burnt yesterday night after putting away a still hot straightener. Smart I know. And rising to the sink after going 'Ayyayay!!"*insert Spanish/Italian curse here*' and my mum telling Ne to go to the tap and put cold water.
And I started typing in my iPod Asap so I didn't forget it. Stayed until midnight and finished it XD.
Oh, and me didn't have a Romano to kiss it better. >.< Lucky Reader-chan!
Hope you liked this! Please comment!
Used my awesome Italiano~ roots for the Italian words! and a dictionary! XD Yes and I am a Latina, and Aussie... Wait I am rambling again! *facepalm*
There are Requests for Reader inserts! Just give me a short description about it and what character and blah blah...
Well, thank you for reading.
:iconromanosexyplz: Owns you~ (and me/shot/)
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns Hetalia, and Romano, and the other mentioned characters!
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