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August 15, 2012
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Drive thru.


"____, _____, I'm hungry..." your boyfriend Alfred whined.

"What do you want me to do about it, Alfred?" You said in monotone while you were driving your car from the mechanics. You had Alfred in the passenger seat next to you. You were trying to concentrate on the road ahead of you but his groans were driving you insane.

"What I'm saying is that I want food." He pouted. You laugh at his childish behaviour. "I bet you can hear my stomach grumble all the way to Japan...!" He whined again. Gee was he persistent.

"But you know we didn't have any food at home. We need to go to the supermarket, and before that we need to go to the bank to draw money." And you really didn't feel like cooking today.

"OH! I got an idea!" Alfred said out loud. Giving you a scare and nearly making you hit the break mid drive in the FREEWAY.

"W-what... Is it, Al...?" You said panting and trying to recover from your mini heart attack.

"Let's get some fast food!"

'Are you outta your MIND?!' "What do you have in mind..?" You asked. You too were a little hungry; it was past 1pm in the afternoon. You obviously knew what he wanted but just for the heck of it you asked.

"HAMBURGERS!" He yelled and started laughing. "AHAHAHA!"

You sweat dropped. You knew you couldn't change his mind because once he had his mind set on something nothing could change him. It was nature, impossible to change, unfortunately.

"Ok, But I don't want to get inside the restaurant, right now I just want to go Home and watch the Avengers. "Since your best friend ___, Begged you to watch it, you had given in and started watching the series.

You loved it.

Alfred also had an obsession with heroes himself, and also proclaiming that he was your and everyone's Hero, very frequently. Making a new topic of discussion for the two of you.

"Oh, Yeah! Why don't we get Drive thru then? It's quicker and we can go home and watch a movie marathon after watching the Avengers."

"That's isn't a bad idea at all." You turned and grin at him, which he did to you. "The usual?"

"You got it Babe."

And with that you took the next turn to the left in the freeway to the road that had the closest 'W Burger' Restaurant.


"Hello, Welcome to W burger, what can I get you?" A female voice sounded from the speaker when you got your turn.

Alfred moved towards you as your window was next to the speaker. He put both his hand in your lap in order to not fall over while he was leaning near your window. You smiled.

"Ah, Hi. We're gonna have A Large Double Waco burger with large fries and a large coke." He spoke out loud, near your ear because he was really near your face. "And a large Slushy and Chocolate sundae..." He grinned like a little kid in a candy shop. "And..." he turned to you.

"_____, what would you like?" He asked you. His face really near yours. You blushed slightly. "T-the Usual." he nodded.

"Ah, I'd also like a Medium Double cheeseburger with large fries and large Coke... And another Chocolate sundae with M&M's on top...!" He grinned again. He knew what you liked. He was a great guy, no matter his Loudness and ... His usual self; he was a caring and interesting guy. You smiled at the thought. You were also happy that you would get food.

"Anything else Sir?" The voice resounded from the metal speaker. Alfred turned to you and you nodded.

"No, that is all, Thanks!" Alfred said before sitting back into his seat.

"It will be $18.32; please drive in to the booth, your orders will be done immediately, Thank you for buying at W Burger!"

"Ah, that's done. Sit down straight so I can drive Alfred." You looked at him. He was currently resting his chin in your shoulder, for some reason.

"Can we eat the food here on the way?" He said with puppy eyes. Damn, that look was heard to deny but you mustered up the courage and said otherwise. "Can we?"

"And make a mess of my car? No." You said straight to his face. If he kept on doing his puppy look you were going to give in! That's what he always did, and you always lost!

"Eh..? _____~ Please..!" Alfred whined and pouted. "I swear I won't make a mess!" He looked at your eyes with those blue eyes of his. "Please."

You lost. "Fine..." You sighed in defeat.

He instantly lit up in happiness. "Thanks ____!" He said and pecked your cheek. You blushed faintly, no matter how long you guys had been together he always seemed to make you blush.

"Now sit down, if you want your food." You laughed. "We don't want to cause uproar like the last time we came through drive thru."

And with that he instantly sat down and out his seatbelt on and grinned. You then turned the keys on the ignition and drove a couple meters to the booth.

"Here is your order Sir and ma'am, its $18.32 please." A girl not too younger than you said through the window booth. You handed her the money and she gave you a receipt. Then she left quickly and returned with your order.

"Here." She smiled, handing you two paper bags with the orders inside and a cup holder holding both your drinks and the sundaes and Alfred's Slushy. "Have a nice day!" And with that you turned the ignition yet again and drove out of the drive through.

You then turned your attention to Alfred, who had already started eating his hamburger and. drinking his large coke. You kept on driving and entered a pathway that leads you to the main freeway. There was traffic all of a sudden so you decided to start eating.

"Al, could you pass me my order?" You asked Alfred. "Wmuaht?" He said with a full mouth. You giggled. "Yoouh Ohckdah?" You nodded. "Yes, My order." he then reached to his left and handed you your bad of food. You then unwrapped the paper of your cheeseburger and took a bite of it. Savouring the flavour of the not-so-healthy fast food.

You then felt like having your Sunday all of a sudden, even though you hadn't finished your food yet. Ah, what the heck, No adults here nagging about desert-after-lunch, right?

Then, when you were going to put a spoonful of the delicious and creamy ice-cream, it was just a centimetre away when a car Beeped.

"THE LIGHT HAS GONE GREEN YOU TURTLE!" A random person yelled from the car behind you. You looked at the traffic light and your eyes widened. (Lol, Turtle.)

The light was already in green and you hit the pedal. Startling Alfred.

"Whoa, Dude." Alfred said. "This isn't grand turismo, you know?"

"No kidding." You said in monotone, keeping your eyes in the road. "But I didnt notice the green light and cars n' people were getting angry."

"Ah. Ok." He sighed, biting his hamburger. He then looked at you; he was looking at your features, your shining (e/c) eyes? Silky (h/c) hair, your smooth (s/c) skin, Pink outing lips and how you looked with your face all scrunched up in concentration. He laughed. He then noticed something.

"Hey, ____. Red light."

"I know."

"Hey, ____."

"What is it?" You turn to him.

"You have something on your face."

"Hm? What is it?"

He then leaned in and gave you a kiss, licking your bottom lip quickly and then leaned back. You blushed scarlet. 'What just happened?!' He just grinned like an Idiot.

"You had some ice-cream there."
He pointed at your lips. But you hadn't even got to try your ice-cream. Maybe when you got startled when you were about to eat your Ice-cream you got a little on your face.

"Ah... Thank you... Alfred." 'I think.' You smiled shyly. He grinned in return. You looked so cute to him in his eyes!

The cars were still not moving at all. The traffic was really long. You then decided to keep on eating your cheeseburger. You then turned your head to look at Alfred, who had already finished his meal and was now tackling his Sundae. He had ice cream all over his chin and mouth. You suddenly got an idea.

"Hey, Alfred. You also have something in your face." You pointed at his face.

"Eh?" He said swallowing his ice cream. "Where?"

"Right here..." you whispered before you leaned into him and gave him a kiss. Which he grin into and started kissing you back.

It seemed hours after you broke the kiss when you heard Beeping and cussing from cars behind you. You once again had a mini moment and hit the pedal

"CRAP!" You yelled and starting to drive.

"You should pay more attention ____." Alfred grinned at you. Wiping any reminding food from his face. (And anything else XD)

"Oh Shut it, you. This was your entire fault." You grumbled.

"E-Eh?! Howzat my fault?"

"For convincing me of getting food and eating it in my car." You said, now giving all your attention to the war. "And for being yourself." 'It's not like he can change that though'

"_____, _____" He said shaking his head, smiling. "How is it my fault for being me?"

"Because you're my Hero." You said giggling. "My stupid, Idiotic, Hero"

"yes, I am the HERO!" He yelled to the skies. He then gave you a kiss in your cheek. "Hurry up so we can have the movie marathon!"

"I'm trying! I'm trying! If you keep like this I won't be able to drive at all!"

"Then let me drive." He smirked, knowing he had touched a wire.

"NOT MY CAR, DUDE!" You burst and then you started laughing which Alfred did as well.

Coz I'm drivin' thru yo' Heart~



"Hey, You know what ____?" Alfred asked from next to you.  "STOP!" And you hit the break. "W-what?! What's wrong Alfred?!"  You questioned, your heart pounding in fear. You could have caused an accident by stopping the car mid road, what was it that he needed?
"We forgot to bring food for Tony!"

"What." Your face clearly expressed what you were thinking 'What the Hell?!' "Is that all?" Your voice was dangerously low.  He nodded, knowing that you were now pissed off.
"Oh like hell I'm going back there." you grumbled. You didn't want to go back to that traffic!

"But didn't we have to go to the grocery store too..?" He asked. "We can do a two for one trip! Whatdya say?" His eyes gleaming.

'Damn it.' You swore internally. 'It's true.' "Fine, I guess we can get him food AFTER we get the shopping." You turned and looked at him. "You Idiot, you." You giggled.

"Then can I get another burger?"
"Retsu Go to za Hambagaa Sutoreeto!"
XD I was listening to His character song while driving home, passing a McDondalds near from TaeKwonDO. BOOM this was born.

"Gimme moo Hambagaa!" XD His Seiyuu is funny XD

MY FIRST AMERICAXREADER insert! 4rth reader insert! I'm not to sure if i got him right, although, he is really fun to write. XD

I do not own the Picture! XD


:iconamerica-plz: Owns You! ^^
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns America(Alfie) and Hetalia!


(I was going to use Mcdonalds in there but i dont wanna be sued XD) Therefore, W burger was born (in Hetalia! remember?)
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