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Going that Direction.



(Warning, One Directioness here. XD Jealous England and bits and bobs, tally ho!)

(And, if you do not like them, try and imagine them being some other British idol! i know there are Maaaaaany out there XD sorry in advance, but please continue!)(>_<)


"O-oh my god...!" You shook with excitement. "Oh MY GOD!" you cried; unaware you might disturb someone within your house.

"W-what?! What's wrong __?!" Your boyfriend Arthur ran to the lounge room to find you jumping up and down with some tickets in hand.

"I got THEM." You grinned as wide as the Cheshire cat. "The tickets...for their concert...!" You squealed in excitement.

"By them, do you mean One Direction?" Arthur asked, crossing his arms and looking at you in amusement.

"...yes!" You squealed once more before running to him to give him a hug. Yes, you did go hyper when you were happy. Arthur sighed in exasperation and gave in. He so knew you.

Ever since you watched the British X factor with him in 2010 on the telly, you had become an avid fan to the point of fangirling at the sound of their voices.

...not strange at all, right?

"You're so predictable, love." he chuckled as he walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. "Are those tickets really that rare to get?"

"You have absolutely no idea. I heard that in some part of Australia they got sold out in 3 minutes flat last year." You said seriously, carefully observing the tickets in your hands as If they were precious jewels or something.

Arthur nearly choked on his water. "W-what?! Are you serious?" you nodded. "That's certainly ridiculous!"

"...And I've got tickets!" you chanted as you walked around the room making some weird little dance you ha just invented in the spot. Arthur sighed again.

"And we're both going! And apparently (best friend) somehow managed to get tickets too so we will go together with her, it'll be great!" You said admitting the tickets you had in hand. The picture, the writing. "So you're coming, like it or not~"

The tickets had come through the mail in the morning; you were surprised they were actually in your hands!

...And they were freaking hard to get these days, now that they were worldwide FAMOUS.

"___, geez, you are now in college, stop acting like a high school girl." He said, grinning under his hand as he shook his head. Not approving your behavior.

You pouted. "But we just got out of high school a couple years ago...!" It was true; you had just started college a couple months or years ago. You and Arthur both lived in a shared house near your university.

"That isn't the point. I mean, why are you going all crazy over a group of boys in a band? It's completely irrelevant!" He argued.

Arthur didn't really like you being obsessed over a band.

Specially an all-male band...

From his home country...

...Well, you weren't obsessed. You liked them. You also liked other bands and British idols like Ed Sheeran and the Spice girls.

You gasped, holding tight to your 'priceless' tickets. "They aren't just any types of boys! These actually have talent!"

"I see." He said in amusement.

You sighed. Seemed like Arthur didn't want to hear you ramble about them again so you let it flow. And you had just waked him up or something. That a good girlfriend you were.

-Now changing from fangirl mode to standard mode-

"Say, Arthur, are you hungry?" You asked, after hearing your own stomach rumble. You scratch your head sheepishly.

"Hm?" He hummed as he reached for the morning paper in the table.

"What time is it now?" You asked Arthur, pointing at his watch.

"About quarter past 9, why?" he replied.

'Breakfast' you thought.

"Have you eaten?" You asked, swaying to the sides with a little hum. "I haven't so, I am gonna put some English muffins in the grill. If you'd want some...?"

"That'd be lovely. Thank you." He smiled softly at you, walking over and giving you a brief kiss on your nose. "Hey, would you like any help?"

You stood upright and looked away, nervously. "Ah... It's okay, I'll have It all under control, you go back to your embroidery or read that paper, I'll get everything ready, bye!" You said before dashing to the kitchen, leaving Arthur there stranding and wondering what the heck just happened.

"One direction, aye?" He mumbled to himself, before giving a slight grin to himself.


"Ready~!" you called from your room, as you ran down the stairs of yours and Arthur's shared house. You two had been sharing houses when you both started college, for about a smear or two now.

"Good, I don't want to find traffic or no parking spaces when we get there. It will be a pain." He said as he fixed a hand through his hair, before looking at you.

You hadn't exactly dressed up to meet the queen for the concert. You had just actually put some skinny dark blue jeans, a pair of black canvas, a one direction shirt (which you happened to treasure) and a (j/c) jacket.

All casual and nice.

Arthur on the other side had put a white dress shirt with some navy jeans, a jacket and his semi-dress shoes. Which you thought was more than sufficient to make him look good...!

"Finished checking me out, love?" He spoke, bringing you back to your thought bubble. You blushed and looked away.

Agh, he was such a tease sometimes.

"L-lets go." you said, your cheeks still burning as you took Arthurs hand and walked out the door. Whilst he had a wide grin, and a small blush on his handsome face.


"___! Can you believe it...?!" You best fiend cried a she ran to you and practically clomped you out of nowhere. You barely herd her because of the noise.

"Gah!" you cried as you cracked her, nearly falling back, which you didn't because Arthur was behind you. "I know!  I can't believe it either!" you cried, now recovered.

"C'mon, our seats are over in the middle row!" Your best friend (friend) cried as she grabbed your hand and dragged you through the crowd. You sighed and grabbed Arthurs hand to not lose him.

You three now officially entered the stadium where the concert was being held.

Posters, lights, fangirls, merchandise, noise... The place had it all!

You were amazed by how big it was. It was absolutely enormous. And you thought there were more than 2000 people here at the minimum...!

"___! ___! Our seats are here." You best friend yelled so you two could hear her. Arthur nodded and let you in first before following you.


Thank god this place had seats or your feet would be bloody sore!

You had now been waiting a while for the band to appear, but you thought it was normal, as they had to prepare and blah blah blah...

Arthur sighed in tiredness. "They sure had been lacking for a while."


"Have you ever wanted to be upstage?" he asked suddenly. "Just wondering."

"Yeah! It would be amazing... Especially if I can be with my favourites or with you and stuff." you mumbled.

"I see." he said, looking towards the stage. Suddenly smoke started to appear over the stage and colourful lights started flaring from the ceiling and the crowd started going wild. "Oh, ___, look!" He pointed.

"I-I know..." you cried barely containing your excitement. "They're here..."


"Hello, we're one direction." the boys said. The crowd went wild. You went wild. Everyone went wild.

The whole world went wild.  (A/N: //shot//)

After their introduction, they started singing one of your favourite songs.

(Favourite song by one direction)

You couldn't help but cheer and squeal while jumping up and down like a maniac. You wondered where your shy external shell had disappeared for the night?

Arthur looked at you through the whole process. While smiling or chuckling and also enjoying the music.

Then they started singing 'More than this'. Ah, you loved the song.

"Who wants to be our girlfriend?" You forgot which one called out after a couple more songs were finished. Fangirls went wild and kept on saying 'ME!' 'MARRY ME!' 'I LOVE YOU!'

obviously the girls there did. They we're going psychotic!

You jumped up and down, agreeing with it. You were about to shout out something when you remembered Arthur, your boyfriend was next to you.

"...ah, it'd be nice, but I got Arthur." You said to yourself before grabbing his arms and hugging it. He smiled at you.

Quick save!

Arthur then checked his watch. The performance had been going for a couple hours now. He nodded at his watch and looked at you.

"_-___, I got to go to the toilet." He said to you. "Wait here, I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Okay, be careful!" you called at him; he nodded as he disappeared to the crowd.

"___ look! Look!" Your best friend cried in happiness as she pointed the stage. You gasped and started jumping up and down.

This had to be the best night in your life!


Arthur now had been gone for a while.

"'Ello there~" Louis' voice sounded through the speakers. Fans went wild again. "May we have your attention?" He said in his British accent. You squealed internally.

You did have a thing for British accents. Mind Arthur.

"So, a good friend of ours wants to talk to this special girl in the crowd..." Harry said, grinning at the crowd. Harry then walked around and looked at the sides.

"A little someone called-"

"Is there someone called ___ here? ___ ___?" Niall said, with his (cute) Irish accent. Making Harry pout. Your face went from glee to horror.


"___, oh ____! Come up the stage!" Louis called, prancing along the stage.


___ was your NAME.

___ ___ to be exact. There can't be any more people with the exact name right?!

So... They were calling you upstage...?!"

The crowd started cheering and calling your name. Encouraging you to get up.

"_-___! They are calling you...?! GO UP!" Your best friend cried, pushing you towards the crowd. You were still awestruck. Your mind blank and your mouth dry.

You didn't even feel when Liam grabbed your hand and pulled you up with the help of some of the crowd.

"Ah, ___! So as we were saying..." Liam continued.

"..." you were completely spaced out.

"Hm? Cat got your tongue, love?" Zayn waved a hand in front of your face. This seemed of have worked as you snapped out of your frozen state and looked down at you shoes, your face burning up. You shook your head quickly and silently.

You were unusually quiet now...!?

"So, A friend of ours called you up here, do you have any idea who he is?" Harry asked you.

You shook your head. You had absolutely NO Idea.

"Hm... Arty, Seems that your girl needs a little reminding..." Harry said looking at the hall. "ARTHUR KIRKLAND, Come up!"

The crowd started cheering as Arthur. YOUR Arthur started walking into the stage until he was in front of you.

You still didn't move.

The boys moved away a little so it was only you and Arthur face to face.

It did feel like it was only you two, though.

"...Arthur, what's the meaning of this...?!" You whispered quickly. He smiled at you and chuckled. He had disappeared for so long in the bathroom, you thought the crowd ate him!

Or something.

"So you want to know why you are up here, love?" Arthur said, his voice appearing in the speakers. You jumped in surprise.

He had a microphone..!?

You nodded your face quickly, still completely unaware why you were up in stage. The stage where your favourite band was playing on. And why Arthur was up here anyways...?

"This is a dense one." Harry whispered to Louis. He smiled and nodded. Nail walked towards you and clipped a small microphone to your shirt.

"First of all." Arthur said in his British accent. "Thank you boys." The boys nodded and gave him thumbs up. Why...?

"Close your eyes ___." Arthur said smoothly, touching your face before jerking his hand back, realizing what he just done. You blushed. "D-don't you dare bloody look until I say...!" He stuttered, suddenly nervous. You nodded and closed your eyes.

It seemed forever until you heard Arthur call your name again.

" can open your eyes now, love." He said softly. You heard gasps and awes all around; you had absolutely no idea... until you opened your eyes.

He was kneeling in front of you with a velvet red box in his hands, and inside it, the most beautiful diamond ring you had ever set eyes on.

An engagement ring.

You gasped, your hands going to your mouth; tears starting to form in your eyes.

He... He...!

"___, you know, I have loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you, that day, remember?" He said, chuckling a bit, despite him being nervous to the point of nearly shaking.

You nodded. You then had the instant memory of the day you met him in middle school. About 6-7 years ago...

You thought he was a rather, tight person, he seemed like it. He was the school council president. Firm, yet he was a gentleman. And once you met him, your shyness and his 'tsundereness' both melted into love.

And now your here.

You laughed, despite the happy tears rolling down your cheeks.

"She smiled, people, this is going good." Liam grinned. The crowd laughed. They seemed expectant; desperate in a way. And most seemed to be holding their fangirl.

Arthur smiled. "So, the reason I brought you here, as it might seem a little obvious by no-"

"Propose to her already!" a random person in the crowd cried. The crowd laughed and agreed.

Arthur flinched, his cheeks turning crimson. The concentration he had acquired, suddenly GONE.

"A-ah..." He stuttered nervously, looking away from your eyes and clearing his voice, before locking his emerald green eyes with your (e/c) eyes again for good.

"___. I love you, more than anyone in this bloody world." He smiled; your eyes now practically resembling fountains. "Will you marry me-"

"YES!" You cried before letting him finish, launching yourself as a response, showering him with kisses and clinging to him with a massive embrace. Once the crowd heard your response, they all burst into cheers, squeals, claps and happy tears.

Even the Directioners were clapping, giving you thumbs up. Zayn playfully wiping an imaginary tear from his left eye. Niall had a playful smile on his face and Louis wouldn't stop clapping.


"Hip hip!" "HURRAY!"

"Hip hip!" "HURRAY!"

"Hip hip?!" "HURRAAAAY!!!"

You smiled and gave Arthur a kiss on his lips. Arthur then grabbed your right hand and slipped the engagement ring on your ring finger. You admired it in in your hand. You grinned once more before hugging Arthur again, with force, and him hugging you back tightly before give you a long loving kiss.

"I love you Arthur... I'll gladly, become Mrs Kirkland." You breathed once you two separated from the kiss. He smiled before giving you a small kiss on your forehead and standing up, then giving you his hand to stand up.

"Shall we leave?" He whispered. You nodded. "Yeah." You smiled. He did just come with you an endured you during the whole thing. He must be tired! You knew you were. And the show was going to finish soon.

"Congrats!" Liam and the rest of the band said before singing their world famous 'What makes you beautiful' as you and Arthur walked down the stage, hand in hand.

This  ABSOLUTELY had to be the best day ever.

And you were going that direction alright.

To the altar!




"How the hell did you get up there?"

"...I've got my ways."
You wanna know why?
Because he's the united bloody kingdom of great britain and northern Ireland :iconiggybrowsplz:

I think i was high when i wrote this last night. even thought the idea has been roaming through my head ever since i made THAT comic. (soon in my page near you!)

Yeah, I like kinda One Direction. I am not crazy about it though.</SUB>but if i had to say i had a favorite it would be ... My favorite is Niall BUT I'M NOT PSYCHO. :iconohohohohoplz:

Inspired by some ...avid fans that are my friends. I am just there with my ipod nodding every once in a hile to what they say about it XD (i a usually listening to anime music and JPOP)

Um... Who likes them? and if you don't, sorry! at least its England fluff? :iconcraiplz: I don't know how I got the idea. I was just reading when a song came in TV... WAH...!!! I was just listening to some Taylor swift and BAM: 1D Song.

...AND if you don't like them (Why caps? I dunno o3o) Let's imagine it's some other british popstar! Or singer... Band... (I have to say, I disliked them for a long while, now their okay XD I don't listen to much western music anymore. JPOP AND KPOP FTW!)


So, i do not own this handsome picture. its so hard to find solo pictures of him without the ships! yet i don't mind the asakiku ones but still...!

Please comment! :D
:iconcuteenglandplz: owns you~
:iconhimaruyaplz: own hetalia~
:icononedirection: on themselves!

...and just to let you know, Ed sheeran and the spice girls, and some othe famous people were in your wedding *runs away because she has said Ed sheeran and has promissed too much*
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Yes, I LOVE JPOP AND KPOP. I soooo wanna go to one...!



For your eyes :iconglassesplz: sorry you had to read that.

oh and for the Plz pics :iconlooolplz: Like that put the :icon(name of the icon)plz: if you understand me... ask me if you need help!

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I have to deal with thy problem ALL th time, yeah, at night too, The secret is to squeal as silentl as you can to your pillow and roll all ove your bed (if you are in one) to drown the sound <--- lost it

But I am so glad I made you fangirl XD hehe! I like that!

*gasp* Yeah, a souvenir from the Concert! HARRY! He could become your servant or pet ^^ for you and Your fiancée XD, and he's your as your the first to claim XD

Thank you again~
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I love you so much too! you amazing kouhai you! :iconrubcheeksplz:

THANK YOU!!! i kind thought youd like this when i was making it XD
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they were pretty handsome, i might say XD

Goo choice! :D
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