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Trick or treat?

You plopped on your sofa with a big bowl of candy on top of you. No, you couldn't touch those sweets as they weren't yours and they were for the trick-o-trick-ers.

Yeah, you guessed it. Today was Halloween. Scary costume, pumpkins, candy, legends and festive season.

...And you were stuck at home giving the candy to all the little dressed up kids who knocked your door as your mother took your own little brother and sister trick or treating.

Your father was sleeping, he had a night shift so he wasn't required the task.

So, you were left with the job to stay at home, waiting for children to come for their free candy, giggle in their 'scary' costumes and leave.

And then repeat.

"This is so boring..." you groaned. Seriously, you could have been at you friends Alfred's Halloween bash but Nooo, you had to stay and give out candy.

It would have been nice to spend the night with your friends and see him.

Great way to spend a Friday night. Yeah, you knew.

You looked outside the window, looking at all the little boy and girls dressed up as witches, zombies, vampires, princesses, pumpkin monsters, devils, the usual. Nothing scary.

But there was actually freaked you out was this horror-movie looking clown, but it was just your neighbour asking for some flour to make some more cakes.

Your costume was so... Plain next to hers. And she was a 50 year old woman!

What you were dressed up as, you ask?

You were dressed as a black cat. Minus the whiskers, you didn't want to look that embarrassing even if your weren't going to go outside.

You had black cat ears you had use from a previews cosplay you did with your friend Kiku, you wore a black tank top and black tights, some leather books and some cat paws and a tail.

You could have done better, but you were staying home so you really couldn't be bothered.

But if you could of gone to the party...

You turned on the TV to see some horror movie special. For some reason it was a vampire romance movie; you were not in the mood so you changed the channel to see some cartoons. Much better.

You laughed at the idiocies that were happening in the show when you heard the bell ring. 'Ding Dong~'

"Trick or Treat!" You heard from the outside. You sighed and stood up from the sofa and picked up the bowl full of candy.

The 2rd bowl full of candy.

And it was a big wide saladbowl!

This year was really busy. This would have to be the 20th or something visit.

It's not like you could say anything.

You opened the door and gave a smile. Your face was rather sore with all the smiling, but you had to put up with it. Your mother did say 'Smile no matter what'.

"Trick or treat!" Two little boys and a girl grinned at you, showing you their bags with candy and baskets begging for more sweets to add to their collection.

"Alright, here you go!" You said kindly. You couldn't get angry for long at little kids; especially if they were so cute like those! You reached for your bowl and gave them all a handful of assorted lollies.

"Here you go! Oh my, what a scary mummy we have here!" You mentioned the first little boy. He smiled. "Thank you lady!"

'Lady?'You thought.

"What about me? How do I look?" the girl said as she jumped up and down.

"Why, you look like a real fairy! Do you happen to know a pixy?" You asked, giving her a smile. She giggled and shook her head.

"And you, Wow... You look really nice, err... Doggy?" you guessed. The boy only had a pair of ears and lots of furry and claws. And a collar.

"No! I am a werewolf! Grr!" they boy growled playfully before laughing along with the other kids. "Thanks for the candy! Happy Halloween!" They said before leaving. Their respective adult giving you quick thanks and leaving after them.

You smile and waved before sighing and closing the door. You walked back to the sofa and plop face down on the soft leather sofa.


You grabbed your phone and checked the time. '7:39pm' your mother wasn't going to come for another 2 hours or so. You then got into Twitter and saw.

american_Hero: "OMG DUDES. PARTY AT MY PLACE. IT'S AWESOME. COME ASAP! YOLO! Halloween party! #Herosays #Halloween #Partayyy"

You groaned. You really wanted to go; you heard that his last party was really good... Apparently he dressed as batman and Arthur dressed up as Sherlock Holmes.


Your cheeks warmed up a bit at the thought of the blonde Brit.   Oh you could have seen him today in the party! This was unfair!

"Gyaaah!" you yelled into a pillow in frustration, not too loudly because of your dad. "I Want to see A-"

Ding Dong~!

"Trick or treat!" A familiar younger boy's voice chimed through the door. You looked up and stood up, cracking your back along the process. You grabbed the bowl with sweets and head to the door. You then opened it and your eyes widened.

"Trick or treat-desuyo!" A small blonde boy with blue eyes grinned at you. Who came along with a very familiar guy with messy blond hair, emerald eyes and thick eyebrows.

Both dressed up.

"Peter... Arthur..!?" You cried in surprise. You didn't know whether to be happy to see Arthur or shocked.

"Ah, ___, Good evening." Arthur greeted you with a smile. You blushed and looked away shyly. "G-good evening, Arthur."

"Don't forget me-desuyo! I am much more important than this bastard!"

"O-Oy! Respect your elder brother you git!" Arthur scolded Peter. Peter stuck his tongue out and looked back at you with showing you his Halloween bag of sweets.

You giggled at both of them and sighed happily, this definitely lightened up your mood!


"Of course I won't forget you Peter!" You smiled as you patted the stubborn 12 year olds head. You then laughed. "Hm, as your Arthurs brother and my brother's friend... I'll give you double what I normally give if you stop arguing with your brother, deal?"

"O-Oy, ___, don't spoil hi-"

"It's a deal!" Peter said as he shook your free hand. Arthur just gaped at both of you in shock. You gave him a small smile before reaching for the sweets in your bowl, giving him two handfuls.

"Thanks ___!" Peter grin at you. "Oh, and nice costume you have-desuyo!" Peter said looking at you then popping a spearmint candy in his mouth.

"I-I quite agree." Arthur responded, quickly covering his compliment with a cough. Your cheeks brightened and you shook your head.

"N-no... You two look very good!" You said truly. "Peter, you are great zombie!" You complimented. "And Arthur, you..." You quickly looked at Arthur, your cheeks reddening. "You look like an authentic pirate captain..." You looked shyly at your feet.

"A-ah, R-really? Thank-thank you..." Arthur stuttered content about your comment but also shy about it. He looked away as well.

Peter looked at both of you and huffed at the atmosphere. "...What's with this mood? Get a room!" Peter said playfully, snickering at his own comment. Instantly both your faces turned a blood red and you looked away in embarrassment, Arthur started yelling at his brother.

"You...! Behave! At least when you're in front of a lady, will you?!"

"No." Peter responded with a huff.

"Why you...-"

"Peter! Come with us!" The familiar voice of your younger brother called from afar. All of you three looked at the direction where the noise was coming from and it seemed that your suspicions where correct, it was your younger brother, accompanied by 3 more kids his age, a guy about your age and your mom.

"I'll be there in a sec guys!" Peter called back. H then looked at Arthur with pleading eyes, which made him flinch. "Please Arthur? Can I go...? Please please, please, please-desuyo?" He begged.

Arthur and you both looked at him and smiled awkwardly.

"Uh, you should let him go, uh; my mum would take care of him so there would be no problem..." You laughed. Arthur nodded and sighed in defeat.

"Fine, as long as you beha-"

"Byeee!" Peter cried as he ran towards the other kids. "Thanks!"

"Let me finish will you...!" He yelled back furiously. You couldn't help but giggle at his behavior.

"What?" He looked at you, a slight blush appearing in his face. "What's so funny?" his 'Tsundere mode' activated.

You giggled a little more and sighed. "Ah, nothing, it's just rather, um." -cough-"cute"-cough- "How you two argue." you smiled awkwardly. "If that isn't weird."

He blushed and scratched his head looking away shyly. "No, I don't think so." He responded. You just looked at him with no words. The atmosphere was getting a little awkward due to the silence.

So you decided to change it.

You looked shyly at your feet then at Arthur then back at the floor, your cheeks warming up. "Uh, would you like to come in? That is, if you don't have anything to do..."

"No, no, wait, Yes! I mean... Sorry for intruding..." Arthur stumbled on his words in nervousness.

"No, no worries!" You laugh nervously. "Come in and make yourself look comfortable..." you said quickly, you hadn't really invited a guy inside your house alone...

Or the guy you had a massive crush on!

"Would you like something to drink?" You asked politely snapping England of his apparent daze as he sat in your sofa.

"A-ah, Tea, if it isn't a bother." He responded as he started looking around your house. He had been here a couple of times before do his brother but not actually alone with you.

"Not at all, ah..." You smiled. "Would Earl Grey be good?"

He looked at you and nodded in agreement. "More than perfect, it happens to be my favourite, actually." He said before adjusting his collar.

"Arthur, how come you didn't go to Al's party this year?" You asked curiously as you brought Arthur's tea to the coffee table in front of him. "I thought he was your best friend/cousin or something?"

"Oh yeah, I couldn't go because I had to accompany Peter along on his trick or treating because no one else could, all my other brothers were out partying so I was the one stuck with the job..." Arthur ranted a he retold the story. "So I had to dress up as well to go."

"Ah, what bad luck."?

"Tell me about it."

"Well, at least you didn't have to stay here waiting for kids to ask for candy on a Friday." You groaned. "It's boring, I am so lonely here."

"I might keep you company, if you want." Arthur asked. "T-that is, if you Want...! Ah..."

"I-I'd like that." You replied, with a happy smile. "Would you like to watch a movie or something? There are many things on TV right now."

"Only if you want to! I am the guest here, love."

"And I am the Host, So..." You pouted. Arthur laughed and sighed in fake defeat. Lifting his hands to add to the effect.

"I got it, got it." He laughed again, in good nature. "Whatever you say-" He looked at your costume and smirked. "Ms Kitty."

You blushed and covered yourself with the nearest object- that happened to be your baby picture. You then started laughing.

"Very funny..." You smiled. "Right away, ah, captain." you said before rushing to the kitchen.  Arthur looked at your direction in confusion.

"Ah, ___, I believe the TV is right here in the living room?"

You came running back to the lounge with a big bag of popcorn with a grin on your face. "True, but the kitchen is where the popcorn is located."

"I see." He chuckled.

You sat down next to him, instantly your heart started beating errands. You quickly turned the TV and started looking for movies. Unfortunately all the movies available now were horror movies.

Not that you hated them, you liked them but you had to admit when the psycho guy jumps on the back of a guy a stabs him, it makes you screams for your bloody life.

But you were sure you would control yourself in order not to embarrass yourself in front of him.

"Hm, you choose." You said as you gave him the control. "Choose anything."

"Ah..." He said looking at your control and yourself. "Okay then.  "

Arthur starting strolling through the channels. You saw a couple Scooby doo Halloween specials that seemed good but he switched the channel before you could say a syllable and he put a horror movie.

"Oh, goody! I haven't seen this movie since... A long while." Arthur said as he put his arms whims his back and relaxed.

You started to watch the screen in horror. This Old woman had blood all over her face for some reason... Well it looked like it. The movie was black and white.

"A-Arthur, What is this movie?!" you said, anxiously staring at the screen, constantly looking away at the gruesome seems.

"A-Ah, It's called 'Frightmare', a 70's classic from where I'm from." He said, flinching at a certain scene. "I-Is it okay?"

"S-sure! Ah..." you nodded rapidly, hiding your face behind a plush pillow.

After a while you had to say this was some scary shii- "OH GOD!" You cried in horror when the old lady Ate some of her visitors. "A-Arthur!" You cried after watching about half an hour with Arthur, suddenly hiding your face in his chest.

Ok, Ok, You broke your promise. But this movie was even worse than Scream.

Or was it that overseas movies were scarier?

"_-___, are you alright?!" He said holding you in his arms, ignoring the blush on his face. "D-do you think you could handle this?!" he said turning of the TV.

You sobbed a little but more on his chest and then you stopped, you felt so secure on his arms. And it was very... Warm.

"___, Y-You could stay her i-if you want, I mean, this is scary... Even for me." He said trying to calm you down, he started patting your head. "It's okay to be scared love..." He kissed your hair and He smiled at you. You gasped and then looked up to meet his warm kind emerald eyes, instantly feeling a trance.

"T-thank you..." You smiled wholeheartedly. You felt that maybe this would be the time to confess your feelings. "A-Arthur... I-I-"

'Ano kosanten de, Minna tanoshi sukippu wo Shiite, moshi ano-'


"Answer it, go on." He smiled at you. You nodded.

"H-Hello?" You answered your mobile phone. Quickly sniffling so Bo one knew you were crying.

"Ah, ___, how are you?"

"Mama? Hi... I'm good!" You tried speaking enthusiastically, internally cursing that your mother had just ruined the perfect mood.

"I won't be home for another while so, I wanted to call you to tell you that you're off duty tonight, you can go to that party you wanted to... Sorry." Your mother apologized before you heard some yelling. "CAN'T YOU WAIT?!" She yelled, you cringed. "Ah, sorry, well, your off then, see you, be safe, and don't do anything you regret!"

"O-okay, see you mama, I love you."

"Me too, Bye!" -Beep-Beep- She hanged. You put your phone back on your pocket and dunked back on something soft, which happened to be Arthur's chest.

You quickly sat up straight to find two arms wrapped around your waist. You blushed furiously. He seemed to be doing it subconsciously.

"Arthur" You tapped his cheek. "Would you like to go to the party with me?" You asked softly. Waking him up from his train of thought.

"Go to the party-who-Haaa?!" He said in surprise, then suddenly noticing both your positions. He blush a million shades or red and looked away in embarrassment. You heard him mumble something about 'Not being a proper gentleman' under his breath.

"Ah...Alfred's" You responded, your cheeks feeling hotter than a hot teapot. "My Mother called and I-I am off the candy business for the year, hehe." You stuttered nervously but happily.

"Oh..." He said, disappointed, you picked up.

You looked up at him and smiled. "...Or maybe..." you looked down at your lap, Arthur looked at you in confusion."...would you rather continue watching the movie, with..." you started playing with the hem of your black top. "Me?"

"Ah..." Arthur started thinking. His ears reddening by the second as you could see. His heart started racing; that of course you couldn't see. "I-I'd rather stay here with you than going to that git's house..."


"A-And, I would rather just see you rather than see hundreds of people I don't know in some party." He said, looking up. You blushed at his compliment.

"T-Thank you..." you smiled gratefully at him, which made him redden.

Seemed like you two kept on being flustered!

"B-But I do warn you, Arthur... I am not that good with these movies."

Arthur sighed and wrapped his arm hesitantly around your shoulder, holding you close. "W-Well, you're not alone, right?" He said. "I'm here..."

You sighed and turned on the TV on again, leaning back on his shoulder and wrapping your arms around him.

"Thank you... Captain." You said, heaving a sleepy sigh. Arthur hugged you closer with a happy sigh.

"You're welcome... Ms Kitty."


A couple of hours later.

"___, I'm Ho- OH my goodness." Your mother gasped at the sight in the couch. She smiled, a small vein mark appearing in her head.

You both were asleep with the TV on. You with your head on his shoulder and his over your head. It looked adorable, in her mind even though she had no idea he was even in here!

She took out her mobile phone and quickly took a couple shots with a sweet slightly sly smile.

"Oh... this is a keeper."
Wowowow! This is my longest story in a while!
I really enjoyed writing it~

HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN! Even if i don't celebrate it

This was inspired by this years halloween, YESTERDAY! Yes, here in OZ, its already past but in other parts its beginning or finishing eh? (Done in 1/11/)

We forgot to get lollies (Again, even if we don't celebrte it XD, people come and were still on duty) XD So i was like 'omgomgomg, what are we going to give those kids at the door?!' :iconhystericplz: And my brother got an idea and went to the freezer and got some 'ice' lollies, icy poles XD They were happy and it was a hot evening anyways XD

Hope you liked it!
:iconcuteenglandplz: owns you~
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia...

Oh! Whoever hasn't read the Halloween 2011 special should SO read it. Yeah, that's his twitter XD :iconhetaweenplz:

Please comment!
Extra browny points if you guess who Sealand's friends were! (Recognise us!) and What song was the ringtone.

The movie... is real, google it, I WONT Watch it, and haven't, and i dunno if i will... sounds... interesting... All the worlds films are... :iconreactionplz:

oh well, cheerio! gotta go and study~! :icontamakiemocornerplz:

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My mom would look at us, shake her head, and go to a hotel for the night xD
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my mpm would totaly do that at the end XD love this story so cute^W^
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I really wanna watch it XDOh damn! That'd be scary as! I bet it caused a good laugh and memory afterwards! XD
kidicarusfangirl Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
if this ever happend with me and a boy (even tho im only 12)
expecialy if my 2 bros went out partying and the YOUNGEST TRIPLET GETS TO STAY HOME.
i would kill them.
Cyndyrellah Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm~ True, although i secure you that NOTHING Happened between you two~ or your 'Mother' would have had gone frikking NUTS And faint! XD

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kidicarusfangirl Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
yes so much kill......dont ask why....
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Sankyuu mai ruvv!! XD

Oh my parents would kill me in the morning...\\my brother might take pics though... hehe...

Mum and Dad :iconrageguyplz:
Brother: *takes pic with DS*

Me: :iconforeveraloneplz:
Frenzydaydreamer11 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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Cyndyrellah Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sigh... a couple kids did, and we gave them zoopa doopa's XD
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I am sure that my mum would strangle me in the morning.
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Lovely story~

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Really? Mine was that for a bit, but Absolutely invincible british gentlemen has been my ringtone for a year XD

PonPonPon is so catcy~ i love that song!

Okami1997 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*tis fineee*

XD Although, it is really awkward when you're watching a film in class when all of a sudden you hear sparkles and Len Kagamine starting to sing
I was all "OuO Aw crap, not now."
Everyone: "The hell is that noise!?"
My teacher found it kinda catchy though xD Me too, I love it so much.

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