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September 21, 2012
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Giorno del Matrimonio.


"___, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Ludwig asked you, adjusting his collar.

You smiled warmly. "Yes Bruder, yes I do." you said before grabbing his hand.

"It's all for your happiness I suppose..." He smiled softly at you, something people would call rare but was regular when it was with family. He squeezed your hand gently and you linked your hand with his.

"Let's go." You said before moving some stray hair out of your eyes and wiping a few stray tears and walking through the two grand doors that separated you from the Church.

The Wedding march started and everyone started whispering 'It's starting!' 'She looks so pretty!' 'Aw! Lucky!' 'If no one can handle that guy, she can' and a whine from your oldest brother.

"___! Why didn't you choose me to walk you down the lane! You're so unawesome!" He cried; so unlike your older brother Gilbert but you could understand why he was like this.

You glared at your big brother and giggled. You would have chosen him but you had chosen Ludwig for a reason. You did a heart shape through your gloved hands at his direction. He smiled warmly; his youngest sister, the one he took care of along with Ludwig was getting married.

A little flower girl kept on throwing petals as you walked on   after her. You smiled, she was too cute! With her little ballerina-type dress; she was one of your friends daughter. She kept on chanting the wedding march; you thought it was absolutely adorable!

"Aw, so beautiful!" Your best friend, the Hungarian known as Elizabeta cried in happiness, nearly cutting her husband's arm's circulation. "Weddings always get me!" She said wiping a happy tear with Roderichs handkerchief who just smiled awkwardly and sweat dropped at his wife. "Go gettim ___!" She gave you thumbs up after she got over her fangasm. You smiled at her; and everything around you.

The church was perfect; it was so beautiful. Even though you decided not to have brides maids you were still as happy as a girl could get. Yo didn't want a huge fancy wedding; you wanted something that'd represent you. You wished your parents could have been there. But you were sure they would see from heaven. Vatti German...  Fritz Vater...

You smiled with all the love you had at all the people that had come to celebrate this important day in your life, The day that most little girls dreamt of since they were small, the day that she would find her prince charming and have a white wedding, all The dresses, cakes, love...

And your prince charming seemed to be...

"Feliciano." You whispered gently. Yes, you were getting married to Feliciano Vargas, and you were going to be Mrs Feliciano Vargas in not too long.

"___..." Your soon to be spouse breathed, opening his eyes for a brief moment to take in your beautiful sight. You looked stunning in his eyes, a wonderful white wedding dress with not too much detail but wasn't simple, hugging your figure gently, your veil that he would lift to make you his, your accessories that were not over the top, your hair that had been styled perfectly, making you look much more beautiful and your simple make up; which you wouldn't need anyways to take his breath away.

"Ve~ Mio bella..." He smiled at you gently. So today was the day, you would become his in the eyes of God. You smiled but with all your love. He also looked quite ravishing, but in any attire you thought he was quite handsome; he was using a simple black tuxedo with a rose in his pocket, leather shoes and a Black tie. Simple in anyone else's eyes (even though he only wore the most fashionable of clothes) he looked... He looked...

It was indescribable at that moment, you were speechless. He seemed like that too.

Ludwig looked at you and Feliciano who were now lost in each other's eyes; yes Feli still had his eyes open. He looked stern for a moment, thinking as he walked you to the altar.

Who knew he was going to lose his youngest sister to his dearest and best friend?

Sure he was openly affectionate to women and ___ was no exception. But he seemed serious about her in... His way.

Ludwig or Gilbert would escort you to your dates; even though you absolutely denied any help but they were really protective of you. Feliciano was a year older than you, the same age as Ludwig, so that's why he would accompany you.

He would even go along with Gilberts stupid plans of spying on you while hiding to see what you two were doing. Even though Gilbert would call it Princess-protection-program' or PPP

He smiled When he remembered you as a little girl. You were so cute with your big (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair in ponytails with a maid-like dress always calling for your 'Best Bruders in the world'.

He would have kept daydreaming if you wouldn't have pinched him; albeit not too gently to get him back to the real world. He flicked his head to your side while you, the priest and Feliciano were waiting for him to give you away.

He blinked and a brief blush appeared in his face, letting go of your hand and arm, whispering a small sorry in apology he smiled at you, his eyes stinging as he wasn't going to cry in front of you. Or in front of anyone.

You laughed and gave him a kiss on his cheek and you whispered. "Don't cry you tough guy, I'll be fine Bruder..." you smiled when he gasped and started denying.

Ludwig then gave your hand to Feliciano who held it gently but before you could move to your supposed position, Ludwig whispered something in Feliciano's ear that made him pale. He whimpered and started nodding rapidly. Ludwig sighed and patted him on the shoulder after moving next to him along with the other best men.

Yes, Feliciano had chosen not only him as his best man but also his older brother Lovino who had his usual scowl on his face and Kiku Honda who was smiling gently at you and Feliciano; clearly not too used to western weddings or traditions; so he smiled. You smiled at all of them.

The priest coughed. "May we start the ceremony now?" he asked patiently.

"Yes please." you said, still locked in the gaze with Feliciano.

"All right, let's us begin." He said, now as the wedding music had died down and everyone was now looking in front waiting for the ceremony to begin.


"And now your wedding vows Mr Feliciano" The priest declared. You smiled, waiting to hear what he had to say; you had just said yours and he seemed to have liked it.

"Ve~..." Feliciano nodded, thinking of what he had planned to say. "___, I promise to cherish you as if you were the most precious... Um... Plate of pasta in the world...!" He exclaimed.

You sweat dropped and Ludwig face palmed. The audience laughed. Well, at least you knew that he'd actually cherish you.

He continued, constantly thinking what to say next. "Uh... I also promise to take care of you until we both become old and frail... I will also love you forever and..."

"Love to be ze father of her awesome babies!" Gilbert called from the crowd with a laugh, earning lots of 'shah's!' from the crowd. Yet again you sweat dropped, and blushed scarlet and Ludwig face palmed. Harder. Supportive brother much?

"Eh... Okay. I will love you forever and I will support you whenever you're down, or need of help because I promise bella, to always be by your side... I promise to give you my heart if I know that you will let me take care of yours... Always remember that... That I... Ti Amo ___." He just said with a sweet smile in his face.

Your face softened at his words and the audience 'awed in agreement. Some brief cheers and squeals escaped the women of the crowd's mouths.

'The vows! They're gonna start! Where's my camera?!' someone screeched from the crowd.

"Do you Feliciano Vargas take ___ Bielschmdt as your loving wife and promise to cherish her, always be by her side and be together until death marks thou apart?"


"And do you ___ Bielschmdt, do you take Feliciano Vargas as your loving Husband and promise to cherish him and love him forever till death parts thou apart." The priest asked you, turning his head to your side.

"I do..." You said; meaning each word. Feliciano smiled gently at you.

"Does anyone have to say something against this wedding? Speak now or forever hold in peace" The priest asked the audience.

A sneeze was heard in the quiet church hall.

"All right, by the power invested in me, and with the blessing of our Lord, a pronounce you Man and Wife." The priest announced. "You may now kiss the bride..."

You grabbed the hem of Feliciano's tux and pulled him to a kiss; which Feliciano happily obliged and wrapped his
Arms around your waist and you around his neck.

"...or groom." The priest sweat dropped and smiled, closing his bible.

Cheers, wolf whistles, squeals and claps were heard all throughout the church hall. Celebrating the fact that you two had now officially tied the knot.


"Move past Losers! I present Mr and Mrs Feliciano Varrrrgas!" Gilbert grinned, rolling his r's and throwing open the church door.

He gave you thumbs up and grinned at you. "Gut luck, __!" He winked at you before walking out of the way, presenting you and Feliciano.

You and Feliciano now walked out of the church, people still cheering and clapping. Some people started throwing rice at you. And some flower petals. Which signified good luck for you two?

"The rice..." Kiku and Yao gaped; but let it slide and started throwing flower petals at you two.

Kaoru had even brought some fireworks; day fireworks! So they burst in the sky in beautiful colours and patterns. He grinned at you. You grinned back.

"Ok, ok, ok people! Let the damn woman have some space so she can throw the damn bouquet!" Loving snarled. All the people crowding up to congratulate you were slowing you down and there was still the reception. So he was helping... In his own way.

The crowd moved aside as you turned and prepared to throw the bouquet. "Ready?!" you cried. "Tre, due, UNO!" You key upped as you threw the bouquet way up in the air.

The group of women who had formed to catch the bouquet went wild trying to catch the bouquet.

"Dear God, these women are behaving like wild animals...!" Arthur yelped, trying to avoid getting hit by the frenzied women, still trying to catch the bouquet.

"For once, Arthur, je suis d'accord...!" Francis yelled dramatically as he moved out of the way.

The bouquet finally came down from the air after what seemed like a lifetime and it landed on... Natalia, who didn't really try to get it, she grinned, sending a shiver down a certain Russian's spine.

"Oh no you don't! Ivan is mine!" One of your friends called, shielding Ivan with her body. Natalia simply huffed, planning how to get her brother to marry her. The usual.


"___..." Feliciano said as you two were getting on the Red limo you hired. You two entered and sat down with a huff on the fancy leathered seats.

"Yes Feli?" You hugged him. Oh you were so happy.

"Ti Amo..." He said, giving you a kiss. You giggled, hugging your dressed self and the tux'd him.

"Ti Amo troppo, you Pasta idiot."

And you rode on, the clanking sounds of the cans tied to the limo following after.

It was a new beginning for you and Feliciano.
"Cin Cin; Brindisi for us." Feliciano held a cup of whine that was provided for you in the limo. You smiled and held up your cup and clinked them simultaneously. "Prost. Cheers."

And you couldn't be happier.

La fine.
My first ItalyXReader!
Italy is sooo adorable!:iconfrenchsquealplz:

T'is is more like a 3rd person story but meh. YOUR GETTING MARRIED TO FELI! :iconmarriedplz::iconblushplz:

Fun fact: Did you know Italian accents are close first to British accents according to my likings?

I wanna marry an italian, its my new goal in life :iconshotdeadplz:

First story in a while, i'm now on holidays for the next 2 weeks! woo! Corny story is corny, hey i tried being serious. failed.

so another romantic comedy fluff story~ yaaay~ :iconyaaayplz:

:iconsexyitalyplz: owns you.
:iconhimaruyaplz: owns Hetalia and Italy~!
I do not own the preview pic. found it in fanpop.

Will do a better descrip, write now i'm not even supposed to be in the computer! eeep!

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D'AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! I'm married to sweet little Feli! :iconlalalaplz:
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All and all, this was funny.
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Alright, spasm over!

I loved it!!!!
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CItalyPruX3 Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Thank you all you awesome countries that came to my wedding!!!!! YATA!!!!!!! I nearly cried!!!! LOLZ~!!!! I LOVE YOU, FELI!!!! :squee:
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I'm gonna cry...I promise myself I won't cry!! Q//u//Q
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