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A Sea-rious crush.


"Kiku...! Kiku-kun!" You called as you ran towards said person. You held your hat with your hand as you securely held a strap of your gym bag while you ran, not wanting to be late.

"Ah, ___-San, Ohayo." Kiku bowed to you politely as you appeared in front of him, panting from running.

"Mo...Morning, Kiku." You Panted as you calmed yourself from what seemed a mile from running, or so you though. You then looked up at him and gave him a smile. "How are you?"

"Very hot actuarry." He said fanning himself with one of his hand fans. "Today is a very hot day." he said looking above to the blue sky, the blazing sun leaving no survivors.

"Yeah." You said, fanning yourself with your hand. "It's going to be really hot today. A perfect day for the beach!" you said as you gave a small excited jump.

"Hai." He agreed with you, grabbing his bag from the floor beside him.

You then looked on both sides to Kiku. You felt like someone, some people, were missing!

Then it clicked, you internally face palmed.

How could you have forgotten?!

"Ah...Kiku, Where is Ludwig and Feli?" You said as you adjusted your short denim shorts, nervously. "Am I late?" You asked, feeling a little strange, Feliciano would have already came out of nowhere and give you a hug but he was nowhere to be found today.

Kiku snapped out of his apparent train of thought and shook his head. "Oh no, you're not rate, __-San, it's just that they are unabre to come today, or they wirr come very rate."

"Ehhh? Why?" You pouted, feeling sad that your two other best friends weren't coming.

It was just you and Kiku.
And for some reason this made you nervous.

Kiku started thinking, as if he was looking how to summaries the turn of events. "Werr... Rudwig-San has to work an extra shift today so he might come rater, much rater and Feri-San... He is in weekend detention for frirting with the Director's granddaughter in crass, whire he was making an announcement." he said moving his head in disapproval.

"Whoa, Harsh." You commented. Yes, Feliciano was a flirt as innocent as he was, but honestly you weren't too surprised.

"Hai." Kiku nodded looking away from your direction.

Awkward silence.

"So..." You said, feeling somewhat nervous. "What will we do now?" you said suddenly looking down shyly, you intertwined your fingers and looked downwards towards the floor.

"Ah..." Kiku hummed as he thought.

"Um..." You looked away, Yes Kiku was one of your dearest friends, probably your DEAREST, but you hadn't been alone with him without Ludwig and Feliciano.

Not that you didn't want to be alone! It's just that you just couldn't get words out of your mouth for some reason!

He was just your dearest best friend right?


A couple of Awkward silence filled minutes later~

"Ah." Kiku gasped triumphantly, bringing you back for your thoughts. "_-___-San, how about we both go?" Kiku said nervously, his shy demeanour suddenly kicking in arr of a sudden. "The day wirr be such a waste after arr the pranning..." He trailed off, hoping for you to continue the conversation.

You looked at him with a surprised look on your face. "Y-You mean, alone?" You stuttered nervously, and excitedly, for some reason.

"A-ah..." Kiku stuttered and nodded quickly, a blush appearing in his perfect face- Perfect?!

You blushed. "E-Eh?? Are you sure? I mean..." You tried to excuse yourself, half your mind saying to do it, half opposing to it.


"Ret's go to the beach." He said grabbing his bags and walking towards the direction of the train station before stopping and looking at you. "Sharr we?" He said quietly, hoping for you to come.

Your face instantly light up in happiness. "O-okay!" You smiled as you grabbed your things and ran towards him and next to him, not too close as you knew about his 'Personaru Supeisu'.

What was going to happen when you get to the beach?


"Agh...! That train ride was long!" you said as you stretched, the train was pretty crowded today.

"Not rearry, it was only harf an hour, ___-San." Kiku said appearing rather closely next to you. "And we went on the bullet train…"

"If felt like an hour though." You said as you dust yourself and started walking out the train station. "Thank god that this train leaves us right near the beach!"

"Hm, Yes." Kiku said. "Oh, rook, the searlooks beautifur from here." He said as he saw the sea from afar.

Your eyes widened in astonishment. "It does!" You said in excitement. "Let's go then, the day isn't getting any younger!" You cried as you unconsciously grabbed Kiku's hand and started running, and dragging him along.

"M-Matte Kudasai..!"

"It's the Sea~!"


"S-sorry, Kiku... I got excited for a moment there." you apologized as you noticed you had grabbed his hand and literally dragged him all the way here.  "I-I haven't been to this beach since I was younger..."

"...It's okay." Kiku said, still a little shocked from what just happened.

"Why don't we go change?" You suggested. "And we can meet up where we set up over here." you said mentioning where you two had set up, some large beach towels on the hot sand and a large beach umbrella, and also a picnic basket full of food that will be for later.

"Ah, okay, do you want to go first? Someone needs to stay and guard the food." Kiku reminded you.

"Oh..." you said. "In that case, why don't you go in first?"

"N-no, I insist..." Kiku argued.

"Kiku." You said your tone nor threatening or sweet. Yandere moment.

"H-Hai..."Kiku said quickly and nervously before picking up his bag. "Excuse me." He said before leaving rather quickly to the changing rooms.

"Okay~!" You called after him, back to normal.

You smiled at yourself. You looked towards the sea, the sea was that beautiful dark blue colour, and it was shining, thanks to the sun. The sky had not one single grey cloud. Or any clouds for the matter.

Too bad what Ludwig and Feliciano were missing.

You and Kiku were going to enjoy it alone together.



"He is just your best friend..." You chanted quietly to yourself, hitting your head against your legs. "You don't like-"

"___-San, I'm back." A familiar, male voice with a Japanese accent called from behind you. You turned your head to see Kiku. Walking towards you in some red shorts and a thin t-shirt and some sandals.
Well, that was quick.

Despite he being particularly clothed in a way, your heart started beating when he said your name; and that he was walking towards you.

You wondered what if he was shirtless? You reckoned your heart would EXPLODE if it kept at this rate!

"You can go change now, I'rr keep watch."

"Ah... Hai- I mean yes." You nodded before grabbing your bag and running to the change rooms.

Why was Kiku constantly in your mind all of a sudden?

He was just your dearest nest friend right?


Well, it wasn't the time to think that, you had to change so you could enjoy the beach!


"Kiku!" You said running towards him. Lots of people looking towards your direction, mainly men. Cat whistles were heard.

He looked towards your direction and his eyes nearly bulged out. "Hai, ___-San... N-Nani?!" He gaped, instantly covering his nose.


"Kiku!" You smiled as you reached near him. He moved a step away every time you came closer. "How does this look on me?" You said shyly lifting the left strap of the top of your (b/c) two piece bikini.

"..." He covered his nose, his face full on scarlet. He didn't say a word.

"Do you… like it?"

'Me rikey a rot...' He nodded quickly before looking at the other side.

You sighed in relief. "I'm glad... The store didn't have in my size so I had to buy a size smaller." You scratched the back of your head in embarrassment.

You were wondering why you were so self-conscious all of a sudden; well of course your stubborn self wouldn't show it.

And you were also wondering why he was avoiding to look at you, and blood. Blood?! What the hell?!

"S-sou desu ne..." Kiku mumbled as he looked away from you. He preferred to have his blood inside his nose, thank you very much.

'Woo! Look at that girl over there, isn't she HOT?!'

'Man... I give her an 11 outta 10!'

'That Chest... DAYUM!'

Kiku kept on hearing all of these things random men were saying about you. You seemed oblivious about all this though, as you seemed to be entranced by the beauty of the sea.

What? You hadn't been there for some time!

Kiku didn't appear angry on the outside; but in the inside he was about to explode like Mount Fuji. His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you.

He knew you were a looked and that the other men must think so too but...

He had to admit it, honestly you looked pretty.


Pretty sexy.

But of course he'd never say it aloud!

'Hey, you think she's single?'

'Maybe, wait there is some Asian dude next to her.'

'Nah, can't be, let's go see if she wasn't to hang with us.'

Damn Mount Fuji erupted.

Inside, of course.

He hadn't gotten angry about anything since he last did his bills the other month.

Oh he got nasty with the computer.

He had to do something... But what... What could he do to cover you...?


"___-San." He called you, successfully bringing you out of your 'trance'.

"A-ah, sorry, was I gone for long?"


"So, what were you saying?"

He started taking off his White T-shirt. You blushed about a million shades of crimson when you saw him doing this. In front of you. He'd never do this in public-!

"Here." He said, giving you his recently discarded shirt. "Wear it."

"E-Eh?" you said in surprise. "Why?"

"...Prease." He said, his voice was pleading and his face a blushing mess. In truth was he didn't want anyone to see your Chest or you, or that strange men were saying such obscene things. He would never...!

"A-Ah... You'rr get sunburnt.... H-Hai! Sunburnt..."


"Yes, the sun is rearry stro-"

"Okay." You said with no arguments as you grabbed his shirt and put it on, it was a bit big on you, it led to your thighs but it was really cozy and it smelled... Of him. Such a placid and peaceful feeling came towards you.  "If Kiku says I should, it must be for a good cause... Thank you." You said as you looked down, your face suddenly feeling hot.

Especially as he was now officially shirtless.

And you just noticed. Like, when did he get that fit?

And was that a six pack peeking in from that bone?

Kiku's face turned red. He didn't know how to receive such praise! (And to be shirtless in front of a girl)  He then looked around at the guys who were suddenly approaching you and he sent him a glare. A killer glare. A glare that said 'Touch-her-and-die' glare. The guys flinched and ran back.

Lucky for them he didn't bring his katana, BUT he could surely throw them down with his martial art skills.

'O-Okay! H-he is her BF!'

'Let's get outta here!'

Kiku chuckled in relief. You then looked up from your foetal position. "What's so funny?" you asked cluelessly.

he looked to you and shook his head. "Nothing... It's just that some men are such cowards"

"I see..."

"___-San, sharr we go to the Sea now? We can rater have a break for some snacks."

You instantly lit up. "Oh, Yeah! Let's go then...!" You said racing towards the water. "Race you there!"

"W-wait!" He called back to you. You only laughed and splashed into the water. "It's nice! Come in!"

"A-ah..." He said avoiding your way. The white shirt appeared to be such a good idea when he thought it, but now it was really visible that you were wearing a (b/c) bathing suit. He covered his nose with one hand and shook his head rapidly.

"N-no thank you...!"

"Come!" you laughed as you pulled him in the water. He yelped as he was pulled in.



Briiiiing! Briiiiing!

Ludwig quickly closed the front door where he had just entered and dug his hand to his pocket to retrieve his Mobile phone. "Hallo?" he answered.

"Ludwig! Ludwig, it's me!" a loud, accented voice boomed cheerfully from the other side of the line.

Ludwig groaned internally. "What do you want, Feliciano?" He asked as he continued walking to the lounge room and put his bag down.


"Have you finished work yet, have you? Have you?" The excited Italian that happened to be his best friend asked happily.

Ludwig sat down on the lounge and sighed in relief before answering "I-I just did, matter of fact I just came home." he then thought. "Vait. Are you out of detention?"

Apparently Feliciano was in detention for flirting.


"Vee~ yes! A nice teacher let me out early, isn't she nice? I wasn't supposed to get out until 3-"

"You flirted with her, right?" Ludwig said in monotone.

Feliciano gasped innocently. "Eh? What do you mean?" He did not have a clue really; maybe he did and didn't notice?

Curse that Italian with his natural charming skills.

"...nothing. So Vhy are you calling?" Ludwig asked.

"Let's go to the beach! ___ and Kiku must be missing us!" Feliciano suggested excitedly. "We were supposed to go-a, am I right?"

"Ja." Ludwig responded before nodding. "I doubt they've gone, anyways it's too late if we did."

Feliciano hummed through the phone. "Like a great philosopher said once, 'Better late than never!'"

That was unexpectedly smart, Ludwig thought.

"-That quote also surprisingly works on cold pasta-"

And then he killed the quote with stupidness!

Ludwig sighed in defeat. "Ok, ok, come to my house in 15 minutes." Ludwig said as he stood up from the sofa as he prepared to go to his room. "And then we can leave in my car-"

"But Ludwig, I am already at your house!" The excited Italian blurted out, surprising the German.

Ludwig's eyes widened. "V-vha-"

"Turn around!"

Ludwig turned 180 degrees around to find an unexpected person in his kitchen.

Eating... Cold pasta?

"FELICIANO! VHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Ludwig yelled as he charged towards the now scared Italian.

"V-Vee! I-I only use the key under the welcome mat! I-I dint think you'd get this angry!" Feliciano cried. "D-don't kill me please!"

Curse his brother for telling him about the spare key.


"A-ah... Ow... Please go a little so...softer...!"

"I-I am going the softest I-I can, ___-San...!"

"I-it hurts...!" you groaned in pain.

"Please be more quiet ___-San...!" Kiku nervously hushed as he turned his head to look at people giving you two weird looks "You'rr feel better soon..."

"But- ah..."

"___ San, I did tord you not to get too close to that Jerryfish, Kami, Your reg is all red!" Kiku said worriedly as he continued applying sting cream on your leg.

"Sorry Kiku... I just couldn't stop myself..." You apologized sheepishly before cursing "Darn Jellyfish... Sorry if I was loud."

"Ruckily I brought my first aid kit if anything rike this would happen..."He said as he finished applying the last of cream on your leg and rubbing it once more. "This cream wirr work rearry soon, so please, M-matte Kudasai!"



"Hey... It is starting to feel much better!" you bent your leg a little before wincing silently, the pain not completely gone away but hell, it felt much better!  "Despite the weird smell." You wrinkled your nose.

"I am grad the cream worked for you, ___-San. I am grad you are feering much better." Kiku sighed placidly and sat neatly on top of the towelled surface. "And yes, it's a rearry strong herb, the main ingredient." He nodded.

"Thank you again, Kiku, I dint know what's I'd do without you now." You smiled warmly at the Japanese. He blushed and looked down nervously before giving a small smile, which made you smile even wider, with a blush appearing on your face.

"Kiku." You said softly which made him look up shyly. "Hai?" He responded before you pulled him into a hug.


"E-Eh...?!" He gasped, a scarlet blush spreading all over his face like wildfire. He commanded his brain to move away but his body wasn't responding.

...But his personal space...!

...But it wasn't so bad to be hugged by you...

...This is improper!

...Yet it felt so right in a way...

Kiku sighed, after debating with himself and he shyly wrapped his arms around your torso and hugged you, which shocked you a bit and nearly made you jolt in shock.

But Kiku's surprisingly firm hold wouldn't let you.

And, like, why would you move anyways?

And you thought, why, why, did you hug him??

He was your best friend right?

Hello, Brain? Can you hear me?

But you couldn't lie to yourself no more, you liked Kiku. No wait, Loved him. You loved your best friend.

And somehow you didn't regret it.

"Arigatou... Kiku" you mumbled in Japanese, without thinking, against his skin. He nodded and placed his chin on your shoulder. "Douitashimashite, ___-San..."

Something told you this was the moment.

Sure you had just acknowledged your love to him yourself just now but the mood was just...!

"I think I love-" You were about to say before you were interrupted by a pair of slightly shaking but gentle lips.


...Kiku... Was kissing you....?

"Aishiteru." Was the simple word he said to you after he separated his soft lips from yours. A bright red blush adorning both your faces. From all the anime you and he had watched, of course you knew what this meant.

And what Boldness!

You smiled warmly before tackling him into another hug, despite the numb pain in your leg where the jelly fish had stung.

And that was your response.


"Where might ___ and Kiku be, I Vonder." Ludwig muttered to himself loudly as he searched around the beach clad in just his dark green shorts.

They had just recently arrived as soon as possible in Ludwig's car despite some 'Difficulties' that happen prior drive to the beach you 4 were supposed to go to today together.

"I found them! I found them! Look Ludwig!" Feliciano bounced up and down also already in his swimwear after supposedly spotting you. "There!" He said pointed to some figures under an umbrella.

"Whe- Oh." Ludwig said before blushing and looking away.

You two weren't doing anything which he could see.


He couldn't just interrupt the moment you two were having.

He knew you had a thing for him!
And good for both of you...

"Should we to them?" Feliciano asked as he peeked from Ludwig's shoulder.

Ludwig sighed and shook his head. "Maybe not now-"

"Kiku! ___!" Feliciano said as he ran towards you two, apparently separating you two from an alleged kiss. "What are you two doing...?"



Lame Title is Lame. X'D

SO! A STORY! And its mai beroved nihooon-ouji-sama~ :iconsexyjapanplz: Umida~ Its the Sea~

Uh, today i tried with the 'R' Japanese accent stereotype thyngo... oh god... having to check a 3500+ word story about 3-4 times for 'L's isnt that fun XD :iconfacepalmplz:

But i do ruv using the arr's because, i dunno, i rike it.
Me rikey a rot. XD (inside joke with ~Melytail) XD

:iconsuspiciousplz: I wanted to put more stuff... ahem... that type of stuff because somehow i am more knowledgeable ABOUT IT! And i also wanted Japan to have more nosebleeds. :iconshrugsplz:

So, hopefully you liked this! i've had this in my Ipod for a while, oh! And i will be putting more over this week hopefully, there is this one that i workedon, on the plane instead of sleeping. XD

:iconcutejapanplz: Owns you, Hai mai Daariin.
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia.


This made me facepalm so many times...

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A SHIRTLESS KIKU PICTURE WITHOUT IT BEING YA- Wait, no he is always with his yukata on so there is NO PICS THERE ARGGGHHH <-- fangirl---

I do not own the picture. I cropped it only to see Sekkushii Nihon-sama

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"I-I am going the softest I-I can, ___-San...!"

"I-it hurts...!" you groaned in pain.

"___ San, I did tord you not to get too close to that Jerryfish, Kami, Your reg is all red!"


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