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"…Vash!" you cried as you ran as fast as you could in your school leather shoes, no matter your skirt was flapping about because of the wind, towards an astute, healthy, economically smart young man with Handsome short blonde hair up to his shoulders and emeralds eyes who was currently reading a book under a tree.

Vash Zwingli.

"Ah, ___." He said, his emerald eyes looking up from his book towards your direction once he heard you call him, he then stiffly shifted a little to the side so you could sit down. He quickly checked his pocket and sighed in relief.

What? It could have been a thief!

You smiled once you arrived in front of him and plopped down next to him with a happy sigh; and of course happy with the cute, stiff-looking gesture.

Why wouldn't you?

Your least favourite subject had just finished and now you could spend time with your Swiss boyfriend during school lunch break-

Wait- Boyfriend?

Yes, boyfriend, this Tsundere, stubborn, cautiously smart and sometime materialistic Swiss you could proudly call your boyfriend ever since the last year of middle school.

"How was, (Least favourite subject)?" He asked looking at you from the corner of his eye. You sighed and let your head rest against the stiff bark that belonged to the tree you two were currently sharing.

"Boring, as always…" you groaned. "Yet, I'm alright now, now that I'm with you. I'd rather be here with you than spend another hour in that useless class..." you drawled of as you lazily moved your feet in some made up tune you had just made. He turned his head and looked at you before letting his head rest against the bark aswell, closing his eyes in relaxation.

"…I'll take that as a compliment, then." He stifled a chuckled. You mocked a gasp and frowned and let out a laugh before playfully punching him on his shoulder. "Of course that was meant as a compliment, Vashy!" you whined.

"I told you, don't call me that…! It's embarrassing enough that Lili calls me that…" Vash mumbled, a light blush coating his cheeks. He crossed his arms and frowned, resembling a child who didn't get the toy that they wanted for Christmas.

So cute!

"Embarrassing? I think its endearing…" You giggled, making him turn a deeper shade of scarlet before resting your head on his shoulder. He suddenly stiffed but then he relaxed and let you rest there as he knew he wouldn't be able to convince otherwise.

And anyways, only you were allowed to do that.

You were about to fall asleep on his shoulder (being one of the most comfy places you have ever been on) because of the silence, when you remembered you had something you wanted to give him. So you swiftly lifted your head from his shoulder (Him suddenly missing the warmth and weight on his shoulder) you got up quickly off the ground and took off your bag of around your body and plopped down once again once you had it. You then opened the zipper of your (b/c) school bag and started scavenging through the contents (t was a rather big bag) when you Yes'd once you found it.  Vash looked down at what you were doing but then decided to close his eyes again.

"Vash, have you eaten?" You asked quietly, waiting for his answer.

"Not yet, but I am sure… Lili prepared something for me this morning…" Vash thought aloud. You grinned and suddenly shoved something in his arms, making him flinch in surprise.

"Wha-"he gasped, his emerald eyes popping open in surprise before you interrupted him.

"Here!" you grinned brightly at your Swiss boyfriend; praying internally that he'd like it. "For you!"

He blinked at the object in his hands. "…a Bag…?" he asked.

A cloth bag?

You made… a cloth bag?

"No, genius." You drawled in monotone before stifling a laugh. "What's inside! I made it for you!" you said proudly; huffing in success.

"Okay…" He said cautiously. He opened the bag and took out a green Tupperware box. He lifted the lid out slowly before inhaling the sweet aroma of the contents. "Crepes?" He said astounded.  

"Sweet, French crepes!" You nodded excitedly.

"French…?" he asked in confusion.

"Yeah, French! Francis taught me how to make them!" you nodded, waiting for him to try one of them and so he could judge you.
But what really surprised you when he started coughing violently, he had chocked on his on spit in surprise. "Vash…!?" You said in alarm before patting him on the back not-too-softly to help him.

That'd leave a mark.

You sighed in relief once the coughs started to die down. "Vash… are you okay? What happened?" You asked in confusion.

"Francis…?!" He wheezed once he regained air in his lungs once again.

"Yeah…?" you asked, now eve more confused. You continued patting him. "What about-"

"FRANCIS?!" He raged fire in his eyes as he looked at you. "FRANCIS?!"

Oh, he was lucky he wasn't allowed to use his sidekicks during school time!

(Rather, he was banned after a certain incident)

Or someone would have a nice little hole in their forehead.


"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE MAN IS CAPABLE OF DOING?! WHY DID YOU EVEN LET HIM IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU!? HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN H-HIS SCHOOL RECORD?!" He yelled in outrage. He then started breathing heavily, before gasping for air once again.
You dared not speak a word, afraid that you'd burst out laughing aloud and you wouldn't stop.

Was he jealous?

"Vash, are you jealous?" You asked slowly and innocently. He looked at you as if you had just murdered a puppy. He then blushed a very unnatural shade of crimson and he started denying like there was no tomorrow. "N-no! What makes you think that?!" he spluttered out, not meeting your eyes.

He was!

You smiled warmly and patted his head like a child. "Don't worry, I was only joking." You giggled. "Give me that." He huffed and snatched the crepe box that was in your hands and took a nice big bite. You waited as he chewed slowly, to see it was good or not.
You cheered internally once he nodded approvingly.

You see, on-goers wouldn't know, but when he nodded his head slightly and his eyebrows raised at least a little, it meant he was impressed.


"You made this?" He said grabbing another bite. "It's good." He said before chewing again.
You smiled and let yourself lie on the grass that was beneath you two. "Thank god." You sighed. "I am glad. I even risked it because of you."


"Yeah, Francis did teach me, but I assure you, he didn't do anything to me as he wouldn't come as least 5 meters from me." You said as you looked up to him, he who had a confused expression. You chuckled and looked up at the clouds. "My cousin, Elizabeta was there too, don't worry." You patted his leg as he continued chewing the crepe as he heard your story. "And if that wasn't enough, Roderich was there too, somehow." You laughed. "Don't worry, nothing happened, Vash."

He swallowed the last of the crepe (that fast?!) and sighed in relief. "Thank god, you had me worried for a second."

You scoffed. "My god, Vash." You looked at him as he looked at you. "You treat me as if I was a little girl." You pouted. "And you worry too much, its unhealthy! You'll die young!"

It was his time to scoff. "Please, for your information, the Swiss have the highest living rates-"

"Vash." You said as you sat up straight and sat next to him, leaning in.

He sighed and closed his eyes. "Pardon- Hey! What was that for?!" He said as he covered his cheek as if you had just assaulted him. He then blushed once again.

He was just too cute a Tsundere!

"What? It was just a kiss." You smiled cheekily. "I am your girlfriend after all." He huffed and down at his book.

Well, he couldn't argue with that.

…and so, it wasn't like he didn't like it.

You then rested your head on his shoulder once again. You were about to fall asleep when another distraction came.


Damn Bell.

"Ah, there goes the bell." You mumbled. "What did you said you have Vash?" You asked the Swiss who was getting up from the ground. "I didn't." He said as he offered you his hand to get up gruffly. "I have economics."

"Easy for you, I've got English. Fun." You said sarcastically as you stood up. You then quickly gave him a kiss on the lips, a little too quickly for him to react. You giggled as you started running to your class before stopping midway. "And thanks for your jacket~!" You giggled before running away again.

Vash gasped and checked his waist. His jacket wasn't there again. He sighed covered his face with his hands and mumbling.
"What that… girl does to me…"


"Shakespeare, why must you be so difficult to understand Shakespeare, why… Shakespeare, WHY?" You complained as you rested your head on your desk. The class looked at you as if you were dying, even though they were having difficulties about this of their own.

"Miss ___, Do you need any help with the task?" Arthur said as he leaned in from his desk. "It seems like you need it."

"No. No this is easy…!" You laughed before turning serious. "That was sarcasm." You mumbled before stretching. "What did I tell you about the formalities? Arthur, we've known each other since primary!" You scoffed. "And yes I need help."

Arthur laughed nervously. "O-oh yeah, sorry ___, It's just me being the student council president I need to keep up my level of respect-"

"Help. Me." You ordered sternly just like a certain Swiss when he was pissed.

What? His behaviour had rubbed off on you.

"R-right away." Arthur said bringing his desk closer to your and leaning in. "What exactly do you need help with?"

"Shakespeare." Was all you said, pokerfaced.



"Okay, okay, you want me to buy you groceries after school, okay… But Lili! If I've told you not to call me during school time if not for emergencies once I have told you a thousand times…!" Vash said as he walked up and down the hallway as he spoke with his little sister Lili who had called him during class time. Which he panicked and asked for time outside.

But no… She just wanted him to buy the groceries.

"Sorry, Big bruder, I won't do it again." Lili laughed nervously from the other side of the line.

"You better not." Vash warned.

"Bye~" She said.

"Bye-"Vash replied before he was interrupted by Lili.

"Ah! Ah! Big bruder?" She asked curiously.

He sighed in exasperation. "Yes?"

"Is ____ coming over today?" she asked cheerfully.

She happened to love you, you loved him, both loved Vash (of course in different ways) and she was one of the cutest people alive that you had met!

She was like a little sister!

…carrying on.

"I don't know." Vash said as he walked down a random hallway. He then looked around as he found he was in your English class' hallway; he peeked through the glass and gasped. "I could ask her right now, no what I am in front of her class-" He shut up, once he saw a mop of blonde hair very, very close to your familiar (h/c) one.

"Big bruder?" Lili asked worriedly. "Are you okay-"

"…Lili, I will call you later." Vash said in a stern, somewhat monotone voice.

Lili panicked. "Vash-"Click.

Oh, people were certainly lucky he couldn't use his gun during school time.


You slammed your fist against the desk exasperatedly. "Seriously, why did he have to make up so many words? Surely his plays are interesting but his use of words! I mean, how was I supposed to know that 'maiden head' meant-"

"Don't say it aloud, you git!" Arthur laughed nervously and blushed.

You mockingly laughed. "Chill. Okay, sorry-"


Everyone turned to the doors direction, which presented a pissed looking Swiss through the door. Everyone freaked out for a second while you stayed put and said nothing.

"Vash…?" you said.

What the hell was he doing?!

Yes, indeed, not even he knew why he had made such a reckless decision like bursting into someone else's classroom like a desperate child!

Stupid stupid STUPID!

Vash started sweating from the nerves, the looks of the whole classroom where like lasers beams; yet he never let his frown or glare drop.

What could he do, what could he do?!



"May I borrow a calculator?" He asked his tone calm and collected with a complete pokerface on.


"Um. Pardon me, this is an English class." The teacher said in monotone, the guys in the class started laughing slowly.

"Maybe you didn't hear me sir, I said May I borrow a CALCULATOR?" He repeated loudly, putting his hand on his picket. Everyone froze. Everyone including the teacher started scavenging desperately for a calculator as if it could cost their lives. Of course, except you.

Who knew with Vash who had the reputation of a fiery person with an equally fiery gun?

"Thank you." He said quietly before sighing, trying to cool himself before looking at your direction. You gave him a smile yet the people near you only trembled.

Specially Arthur, who felt a chill down his back.

"_-___." He whispered to you.


"Why is Vash glaring at our d-direction…?" Arthur hushed in a hurried tone.

You shrugged. "I don't know, but he isn't glaring at me." You said. It was true, he wasn't.

Well, now that Vash checked nothing was happening to you, he could leave at peace.

But just in case, a warning for Mr Kirkland.

Just in case.

"Okay. So, why the bloody hell is he glaring at me for?! What have I done?!" Arthur cried dramatically (but silently) as he trembled and moved behind you.

You couldn't help but stifle a laugh.


"H-here you go, Mr Zwingli." Your English teacher hushed. "Y-you may leave now… (!)" He hurried as he gave Vash a teacher edition calculator an pressing it into his hands.

"Thank you, sir." Vash said before walking out the door silently.


The whole class sighed in relief and continued on with their business; Alfred who was a desk above you moved his chair to your side and trembled onto a book full of words he didn't understand.


"D-dudette, what just happen…?! Did he really have a gun…?!" Alfred screeched in fear.

"I don't have a bloody clue what happened either, ____He is your boyfriend, say something!" Arthur shrieked like his cousin.

You smiled smugly internally and shrugged. "I dunno."

But you did have a little clue, on what was happening.
"Ah~ Schools done for the week~!" you yawned as you stretched your arms in happiness, relieving your tense arms.

"See you, ___!" your friends called to you as they left the school grounds.

"Bye!" You waved at your friend's goodbye for the week. After they left you slowly let yourself rest against the school gate as you waited for Vash to come out. You snuggled in his oversized jacket on you and giggled at the past events, but of course you also felt a little bad for him too.

Well, you had to admit, if you saw someone (particularly female, unknown to you) of course you would freak out as he is really handsome, and many girls had their eyes on him.

Yeah, you wouldn't help but feel jealous too.

Very jealous.


You were about to doze about when a particular "Bella~!" Woke you up from your thoughts, and someone's arms wrapping you into a big tight hug.


Who else?

"Bella! How are you? Vee~ I haven't seen-a you all day! Did you-a have lunch, did you-eeek…..!" He babbled until he squeaked and stayed very quiet. "Who-a… grabbed my-a shoulder-"

"Buongiorno Vargas, are you done cuddling my girlfriend?" Vash boomed yet in a calm matter even though you knew that he wasn't. Evil aura was seeping through him like a sore thumb. "Guess who got his gun out to play? "He said once he put his gun near his head.

Of course he would shoot his bullets where too precious to shoot buffoons such as him.

But he could make an exception.

"V-ve! V-Vash!" The Italian squeaked in shock. You clapped your hands on your mouth to prevent any further problems. You didn't want to burst out laughing NOW.

"I suggest you let her go, now." Vash warned, as he walked to the back of you and slowly wrapped an arm around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder. "Seems like a safe bet."

"A-ah okay…. Ah…" Feliciano said moving back.

"A little more" Vash said. Feliciano moved back more.  "More…" Feliciano moved back a little more. "There."

"V-ve…?" Feliciano tilted his head in confusion. Vash sighed and accommodated his chin in your shoulder. You internally shrugged. You had no idea what was going on now.

"Here, something for your trouble." Vash said, grabbing something out of out of his pocket. His wallet; he then opened his wallet and chucked him a coupon? A note?

The fact he was giving something of his own was the most that's surprised you!

You tensed in confusion. "Wha-"

"Just remember, ___ is mine." He said seriously at Feliciano who seemed to space out thinking what to use the money on. "DO YOUR HEAR ME WORLD?!" He screamed out loud.

"Vee~ I know~ I'm-a  gonna  get some pasta!" Feliciano cried out before walking away. "With Germany, and big brother, and japan…"

You could help it anymore, you burst into laughter for a long while, whilst you hang on tightly on Vash for support, all this while blushing.

"W-what-?!" He cried in outrage. Why were you laughing?

"Y-you're just so…! Agh, Vash you're darn adorable!"

"I am not-"He was about to argue before you smashed your lips onto his with a wide smile.

"It's okay to be a little jealous, I guess." You giggled before stealing another kiss. He fumed. You took him off guard one to many times.

"Fine." He simply said.

You looked at him an smirked. "What, are you giving up like that? You'd normally start denying like crazy and prove-hmmm---"You laughed before he smashed his lips on your in a passionate kiss, catching you of guard. He pushed you against the gate and continued kissing you until both of you couldn't literally breathe.

As sadly, as human beings one has to breathe oxygen for the lungs.

"—Wow." You gasped once you regained your breath and smirked at him. "What was that for?"

"Just a reminder, for you, that you are mine." He said swiftly, before looking away in embarrassment on what had just happened.

The forwardness.

"Do you even have to prove it? Geez." You jeered. Even though internally, you were impressed.

"Absolutely." He mumbled.

"Vash, it's okay to be a little paranoid, or jealous, it's okay." You smiled warmly before resting your head on his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his neck and his around your waist.

He scoffed. "J-jealous?! Me? Don't make me-"

"Just shut up, you green-eyed monster boyfriend you." You interrupted before poking his cheek with your finger and ruffling his hair like a child.

"…Fine by me then." He said kissing you once more. All his tsudnereness, shyness, stubbornness washing away as he kissed you away.

Jealousy… is good… once in a while…

"Why won't Big Bruder answer his phone? Its 5pm…!"
Hello! Happy early holidays to all~!
Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, like moi<3!</sub>

YES. A STORY! :iconswitzerlandplz:

& pardon with the mistakes, i finished this at 2am. Spare me. >.<

I missed this~ even if i haven't written, in like... since the plane flight (a couple days ago) XD ((I Wrote two stories in the plane. MEIN GOTT. 22 HOURS IN 3 PLANES. AND THIS MASSIVE TIME CHANGE AND BLEERRGRGHH Ahem)) Sadly, i forgot my charger in Australia and ill have to wait a little while to get a new one, as my iPod's battery is dead. NUU..

And who is excited for SEASON 5 OF HETALIA?! (17/1/13!!!) :D

I wrote this on my phone. A damn samsung. jks, ILY last night and then it forced closed and everything i wrote got DELETED! :iconangryswitzerlandplz: So i had to write it again.

Oh vell. <.>

Sorry if he's OOC! Its my first time writing him, even though i LUUUURVE him and have been planning writing him for a while :iconyayswitzerlandplz:

Please look forward for more stories~! Holiday themed!
Have a countryXReader request? comment or note with the character, theme and it would help if you put a mini plot too! :3

I had a bad time writng 'Gun' after so many stories i've read of him. Ahem :iconitalyderpplz:

Please comment, or fave! :D
:iconsexyswitzerlandplz: Owns you. Duh.
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia~

HEADCANNON: Swissy is very protective of everything he loves owns :icontruestoryplz: and can get really jealous when men get near his sister or his girl XD

I dont own the picture, sadly. o.o
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Thank you very much, melissa! I am glad you hfinally got time to read it, i mean you have been busy with exams, non? :D Yes... the tsundereness...

oh, and i saw you made the swissy one at last? i'll read it, soon... very soon...

Really? Gosh, makes me really happy to hear that. (read that). XD Dont worry, people will get used to it, i tell you XD

Hm, thanks! I always fear thst when i write new characters even if i literally stalk them.. =w=. uhm. research and yeah...

I think after i read this and spot a couple mistakes i figured that too XD

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Stalk.. Yes.. But, no, you're 'research' did pay off so its fine :D
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You're welcome~
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Good, a couple days till your off huh? good~

*handds switzerland* I borrowed him for inspiration for a bit, he visited Liech and had meals and a bed.
your welcome.


:iconredswissplz: ... YOU ARE BOTH INSANE...!
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He can come and go and whenever he wants. He's human (/country) i don't control his life! But this is the only place where he can use his gun freely~

:iconswissumadplz: I see no difference

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And gain new ones.

True that, swissy XDD

you know... Here in el Salvador Is a saying that says "no te hagas el suizo" whixh means "Don be a swiss." whixh means 'Don't ignore me and pretend you didn't hear or understand me' and 'don't be greedy/indifferent/neutral' XDD

I had to share that.

you have to pardon my head Melissa... When you said he could freely use gun... :iconpervyenglandplz:
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sisssssters Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Do you hear me world!? That made me laugh
Cyndyrellah Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconyusplz: CAN YOU HEAR HIM WORLD?!
world: Yes...

I am glad you enjoyed it, thank you for reading!
figglstuph Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh gosh! This was awesome!!! :iconspazattackplz:

I felt a mix of tsundere and YANDERE there XD
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