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Tea Stains.

You were walking towards a big convention center in the city. It was a cold autumn morning, the wind blowing through from various directions, making you shiver.

'Hope this is as grand as Aunt said." you muttered to yourself, bringing your (j/c) jacket closer to yourself as if to warm you and tightening your fluffy (s/c) warm scarf around your neck as you were walking from the train station to the convention.

Yes, your auntie had gotten you tickets for a convention, one that you were really eager for and excited. She was like your best friend despite the age difference.

It was a Tea Convention.

You see, you adored tea beyond belief. You'd give up a soda and chips for Tea and cake. You loved the bitter tasting beverage. Such different tastes, aromas and strengths, all giving different flavoured and twists you were fascinated with.

Basically, you knew a lot about tea, you had been drinking tea since you were a baby. It was in the family. Your auntie was a member of some elite tea club, your mother an avid fan of black tea and your grandmother simply loved it and so on...

Anyhow, you had just arrived at the convention, getting through the doors that separated you from the cold air outside and the warm air in. You sighed in relief. You had arrived. You then walked towards the reception and gave your name and ticket which a lady gave you a card ID to hang around your neck.

'Milady-Tea-constitutions Expo' it said.

You took of your jacket revealing your (d/c) checked dress with a heart hem shape neck and a black belt; along with that, you use some thick white stockings with some black leather flats. Of course leaving your jacket and scarf in your bag.

You walked inside the doors that presented you the expo. The Milady-Tea-constitutions' yearly expo, and it was your first time there.

When you entered you smelled a million different scents of a million different types of teas. Spicy, sweet, bitter. Maybe it wasn't the most fun of expos but it felt so familiar to you, you felt strangely at home.

You looked around. There where Contests, Trials, stalls and discussions all around. The place was spacious and big, hence allowing the place to hold various events.

It seemed that not many people were around your age in the convention. Not that you'd expect much. You thought there'd be many older ladies and gentlemen and middle aged people. Which was exactly what there was?

You smiled and walked towards a trial stall. "Hello, would you like to try our new organic blend of Jasmine and mint tea? And if you please, please give us feedback, Stassen and Co' will be very pleased to hear what you think!" A young lady a couple years older than you chimed to the customers.

You walked to the stall. "I'd love to try the new tea Miss, Trying new tea blends is always enticing." You smiled.

The stall girl grinned "Thank you so much!" She handed you tea in a disposable cup. "Please enjoy." "I intend to do so, Thank you." you respond politely before bringing the cup to your lips. 'It's good! This blend is quite smooth!' you thought before walking away to some other stalls.

You then felt a vibration and some lyrics of a j-pop song ringing from your pocket. It was a message from your auntie. 'Dear ____, Sorry I couldn't come along! You know how unpredictable it is to be a manager in a company. Right now I'm packing to go to London, my flight leaves in an hour!!! Oo I am so sorry! I'll get you a souvenir if you bring me some tea from the convention. ;) Aunt J.'

You chuckled then sighed. She had gone to another business trip overseas. And this time it was london! Oh how jealous you felt but that couldn't be helped. At least you had sone souvenirs secured if you get some of her favorite tea.

Ginger, cinnamon and orange chai. Not a common blend, quite an unusual one, actually. It was a blend of 3 different chai teas or something like that. You didn't pay much attention when your auntie was talking about that.

And off you went around the con, exploring around the new territory. Seeing around whom you could meet or what you could do.


Some hours later~

You were really tired. You had just come from some Karaoke thing-a-majig you somehow got trapped into, been into a long discussion about teas' history (you didnt know how you got there.) with some aristocrat women, (which you enjoyed talking to, but they just kept on gushing how cute you were while you talked about the origins of curative green tea). You also had been doing errands around the convention looking for your aunt's tea. Which you just recently found, next to a stall of exotic Indian spice and tea stall. Which you got a lot for a good price.

You were now full of tea to the core, yet that didn't stop you from drinking more tea. You liked it, it was addictive. You were now walking through the hallways of the vast convention (you still hadn't seen it all, it was huge!) With a cup of delicious Camomile tea in hand, the one tea you always had a soft spot on and always took the weight out of your shoulders. You kept walking.


The bag you were carrying with all the different teas and items you had bought. (You even found an anime stall somewhere when you were in the Asian tea section) which was many of the stuff you had in there along with some more tea boxes and complementary cups and jugs. You did feel a little calmer, with the tea.

You were now humming to yourself, lost in thought when you bumped into someone and splashed your tea on them. Their chest.

"A-ah! H-hot!" A guy with blond hair and thick eyebrows cried, fanning himself in order to cool down the hotness of the liquid that just had been splashed into his body. "Bloody Hell, watch were you-"

"I am so sorry!" You cried. You had just spilled someone with your Hot camomile tea, when you were distracted and bumped into them. "I wasn't looking, I am terribly sorry!" You kept on apologizing. You then looked at his face.

The Man had messy blond hair and thick shaggy eyebrows that somehow fitted his face perfectly, an underneath them lied two beautiful emeralds that were his eyes all framed on a perfect face.

You blushed. You had just spill tea on a hot stranger! You could feel the blood coming to your face in embarrassment.

"I-I am Sorry..." You said in a small voice, suddenly looking down in Embarrassment, suddenly feeling shy. "I will help you clean up..." you bangs hiding your face.

Said boy looked at you and smiles faintly. "Uh, No worries Love, It was an accident." He said in a British accent. You were struck for a second, you loved that accent, it had always fascinated you, and you could even say you swooned internally when you heard him. He smiled at you.

Did I mention you loved accents, most of all, the British one?

You then snapped back to reality. "A-at least let me help you clean your shirt!" You squeaked and pointed to his chest, where a big yellowish stain was evident on his white shirt.

"There is no need-" He tried to explain before he was cut off.

"Please! It the least I can do! I could even but you a new shirt if you want!" Ok, now you were blabbering in front of him, totally uncool.

The Man just stared at you, as if he was debating with himself. 'Fine... I'll choose the easiest choice, she seems persistent...' He sighed in defeat. "Fine, I'll let you clean my shirt just because I don't want you wasting your money on me, ok?"  You smiled. "I guess it's only fair."

You then sighed in relief. "Sorry... For disturbing you... Um..." You wanted to thank him but you didn't know his name.

"Arthur. Arthur Kirkland." he said. A smile in his face, not a trace of anger anywhere in his handsome features. "And you are, Love?"

Your heart nearly stopped when he called you 'Love' "____, _____ ______." You said with a shy smile. You then offered your hand To shake his as a greeting while instead he grabbed your hand and kissed it. Like a gentleman. You felt all the blood in your body heading to your head. "It's a pleasure, _____" you nodded. "L-likewise;"

"Oh and… I... I'm sorry again, Arthur." you apologized yet again. You had a bad habit of apologizing a lot. You then looked both ways in search of the restroom. Which you had no idea where it was.

"You should stop apologizing _____, its ok." Arthur smiled at you again. He then grabbed your hand and started walking. "You don't know where the toilet is right?" He asked.

You nodded. You had absolutely no idea.

"I'll take you there." he said before walking again holding your hand in guidance.

"Thank you." You blushed. Thank god he wasn't looking at you because he was leading the way. You then looked at both your hands, you liked how both of then felt together, strangely as if your hand was designed to hold his.


At the Restroom~

you two had found a vacant restroom, the one for disables, (there were still many more there.) Because it would be large enough for the two of you and you could clean his shirt there without having weird stares of people.

"Um Arthur, could you Uh-" Your cheeks started burning. "Take your shirt o-off?" you squeaked squeezing your eyes shut in embarrassment. 'How embarrassing to ask him to do that!' "So I can clean it?"

"E-Eh?" Arthur mumbled, himself gaining a small blush. "U-uh, sure Love..." He felt strangely nervous . Firstly because he was stripping in front of a girl. Second that he was stripping in front of a pretty stranger. His heart started beating a little faster while he was taking off his blue jacket and then his stained white dress shirt.

"Chamomile, ____?" He asked curiously.

"H-ha?" You turned to him.

"You spilled chamomile tea on me, right?"


"Good choice." he said taking of his shirt. Finally.

You then turned around to let him change but You couldn't help but peek for a moment, while he was taking of his shirt. Your eyes widened when you saw him, his pale tan skin looked ravishing, he wasn't too slim to say skinny but he was muscular. You blushed and instantly turned the other way.

He then handed you his still warm from use, shirt, it smelled of the spilled camomile tea, cologne and other scent of teas you caught as green tea. he was now shirtless. (you had your back facing him and your face was blushing furiously.)

'The hell am I doing?!' you screamed internally, 'And let's say identifying smells from hot strangers shirts is NOT weird at all!'

You then got out your cream handkerchief from your pocket and run water over it from the tap and started scrubbing the tea stain.

You then looked behind you to see what Arthur was doing. He seemed in deep thought; he was sitting in a plastic chair with only his dress pants on.

You then sighed to relax yourself. He seemed like a nice guy. You decided to start small talk to make the air less awkward while he waited for his shirt to be cleaned.

"Uh... Arthur, can I ask you a question?" you asked.

Arthur suddenly out of his thought bubble responded. "Sure Love, Bomb away."

"Do you have a favourite flavour tea? I-I mean, do you have a favourite type of tea?" You asked quietly.

He chuckled at the question. "Well that is a rather difficult question. Asking me that would be like asking a mother who is their favourite child." He laughed a little more amusedly. "But if I had to say what I drank more frequently, I'd say Classic Earl Gray"

You laughed too. "I totally understand! I mean, with the not being to choose a type. They are all so different, are they not? They all have different scents, tastes, flavours, intensities and types!" You laughed more; you were now in a good mood. The awkward air suddenly disappearing from in between you two. "You know what I mean?"

"I agree completely!" He laughed. He hadn't met someone with as much passion for teas as him. (Maybe apart from Japan and China.) "I guess you like tea a lot?"

"Are you kidding? I'd give anything for a good cup of tea and a piece of cake or some scones in a cold evening while reading a book of some sort?" you grinned. You then remembered what you were doing and kept on cleaning the stain.

"You read my mind! ____, I'd do that as well, it's a great way of passing time, if you want to relax." he said, now really interested in you. "I actually cook myself too."

"Do you really?" you said while scrubbing the shirt. "I do too, sometimes, for fun." You then turned the tap of and wet your handkerchief and started scrubbing again. "What do you like to cook?"

"My specialty is scones" Arthur stated proudly then gloomed. "But my Friends never eat them; they say I'm a bad cook." 'Bloody gits' He thought.

"Hm? I'd like to try one, if I had the chance." You smiled. "Then I could give you my opinion. I doubt someone as interesting as you would be a bad cook." you hummed.

Arthur's eyes widened and he blushed, then looking away. "I guess..." he mumbled.

'This is nearly done! How long have we been here?' you thought. You then turned your head and gave him a smile. You liked him more with every second passing.


You two had been talking about many different other things. He told you that he did magic, and claimed he could see magical creatures. This amused you. He also said that he was the country representation which surprised you greatly, and reeled you right in.

"It's Done!" You hold the shirt proudly and waved it like a flag. You had successfully taken the stain out with only water; you then used the hand-dryer to dry the wet patch. You were happy.

"A-ah?" Arthur responded. He had been in deep thought again, when he noticed to waving his shirt in the air. "Oh, Thank you love." He smiled at you, and chuckled at how you were behaving.

His chuckles eventually turned into laughs. Which brought your attention back. "I'd like my Shirt back please." he wiped a Laugh tear of his eye. Your eyes widened and you suddenly stopped waving his shirt and gave it back to him. You blushed in Embarrassment. "Sorry, that was silly of me."

"It ok, ____, It was rather..." he coughed. "...cute." He confessed. He turned away. His stubborn personality showing.

"A-ah." You said before turning around in order for Arthur to change. 'He thought I was cute?!' you squealed in your head. In the short time you'd been with him you had already formed a crush on him.

It was silly, falling for a stranger which you had just pored tea on and just washed his shirt for him. But it felt just so... Natural. You shook your head in order to get rid of the thought.

"_____, I'm done, you can turn around again." He called from behind.

"Oh, Ok." You said before turning and meeting the gaze of a now fully dressed Arthur. "We should go now..."

"Oh." He realized you two had nothing more to do together, and he was really enjoying your company, you had really caught his interest!  "Yes, let's go." He said before opening the door for you, which you thanked silently and exited the restroom.

You two walked back to a stall near the restroom...

"Nice to have met you, Arthur." You smiled sadly, noticing you two had nothing to do with each other anymore.

"Ah, Thank you for cleaning my shirt, you really didn't have to." He smiled sadly too. "You too."

"It was the least I could do." you smiled. "Well, h...have a nice day." You said before smiling for the last time and turning to the opposite way.

Arthur just stood there for a moment, and before he realized what he was doing he had already ran after your and grabbed hold of one of your shoulders.

"W-wha-?" You gasped and turned your head. It was Arthur. "Y-yes?"

"I forgot to give you this."

"Wha-" You said before he leaned in and gave you a kiss on your cheek but very close to your lips.

"As a thank you." He mumbled, looking away and blushing. Typical Tsundere.

You were just frozen there for a second before you leaned in and gave him a kiss on His cheek. You then realized what you had done and started apologizing like crazy like always. "I'm sorry! That must of been really weird of me!" you felt like you would break Down crying right there and then from the Embarrassment, but you bit back your tears.

He laughed a good natured laugh that sounded like music to your ears. It did confuse you though.

You still didnt know what was funny. "s-sorry, I don't know what got over me, I bet you dis-"

"...matter of fact, I did like it, but there was a problem, love."

"h-huh? What problem...!" you said nervously. What had you done? Was he laughing in anger or something? Was he ticklish?

"You missed." He said plainly.

You are clueless 'What?', he sighed and leaned in and kissed you lips. You then suddenly realized what just had happened and quickly kissed back. After a moment you two broke the kiss.

"Oh..." You realized. You felt really happy and stupid at the moment.

"Mhm." Arthur grinned. "Oh, what I really wanted to ask you before was that, would you like to come over to my house for some tea on the weekend?"


"Yes, For some evening tea." He smiled. "If that's what you want, ____"

"I'd love to Arthur." You smiled back. "But I don't think you want me near you with some tea, you don't want me to stain another shirt if yours!" You put your hands in your face for a dramatic effect.

"To tell the truth, I wouldn't mind at all." He grinned at you. You were really amusing to him.

"I might even get to try those scones of yours!" You smiled excitedly. (A/N, Oh, Oblivious Reader-chan is oblivious... ―w―) He nodded his head.

"I really hope you do-" RING! Arthurs Phone went off. He then reached his pocket and answered it. You look closely.

"No, I am not lost you Dumbass!"
"What are you saying, you bloody git?!"
"Why did you even call me?"
"BYE!" CLICK. He then looked at you, who were barely containing your laughter from the little incident that just happened. Which it finally came out in barrels of giggles when he gave you a weird look.

"I... Im sorry! It's just you looked so adorable there, and you just kept on yelling at the phone! You should have seen the couple old ladies that came along, they were scared!" You kept on giggling. He smirked; he guessed he did sound amusing when he got mad.

"Well, you don't want to get on my bad side, don't you now Love?" he said tickling your sides gently.

"N-no!" you giggled more when he tickled you. "Good." He said, triumphantly.

"Would you like to companion me for the rest of the convention, Arthur?" You asked. "If it's ok with you..."

"That'd be a great idea." His green eyes sparkled. He then grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers with his and spent the rest of the convention together. "Then I'll take you to your home."

All because of a stupid Tea stain!

2 days later.

"I am Home Darlings!" Your aunt J appeared in the door. "Guess who brought stuff from England!" she said waving many large bags with different logos on them.

You and Arthur looked from the TV to the door that suddenly opened. You two were watching a mystery detective show together.

"Oh, Welcome back Aunt!" You grinned. Arthur nodded, he'd heard of your aunt.

"Uh-huh!" She grinned at you and then noticed Arthur. "And who's the handsome Lad next to ya'?" She asked coming closer of you two.

"This is Arthur, My new Boyfriend." You presented.

Arthur stood up from the sofa and presented himself. "Hello, I am Arthur Kirkland, pleased to make your acquaintance." Arthur said in that English accent of his.

Your auntie gasped and grinned at you. "Guess I didn't have to bring you a British souvenir, huh? You have one just right here~" she snickered. Arthur smiled slyly at your expression.

Hello~! Cyndy here, with my third Reader insert!
AND ITS ENGLANDS! :D *cries in happiness* HE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! :iconarthur-uk1plz: AT LAST! I finally wound up with inspiration last night and finished it!


This all came while i was rinking some Chamomile Tea before bed. I actually have been drinking tea since I was a baby XD. My mum used to give me chamomile tea in a bottle :3

I LOVE Tea~ :D
Do you like tea? or maybe not? maybe coffee? i am not allowed to drink coffee ._. Tell me, what type do you like?

Please comment and fave if you love IGGYBROWS! :iconposerenglandplz: Hope you liked this!

:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns Iggy and Hetalia!
:iconenglandplz: Owns You (and me //shot//)

...i don't own the picture! i found it on fanpop!...
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Actually one time I came into class and sat next to my friend. He sniffed the air, then he sniffed my hair. I was so freaked out. Then he looks at me and says "you smell like tea." then he smells my hair again...It was really weird... o.0
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ANYWAY. Tea and England in one... I was destined to love this fanfiction reader<3 Thank you so much for writing it<3
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